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Tuesday, September 14th 2010, 5:20pm

Benenden Fertility centre

?( Hi Everyone

I have previoulsy had treatment at the chaucer, canterbury but we cant afford to have a cycle there. I am considering having a cycle of ICSI at the new Benenden fertility centre as I am able to get 25%off a cycle.

As it is fairly new clinic there are no stats relating to success rates and reviews. Please please could anyone who have had treatment there let me know what it is like and whether there are any rates etc available to view?


Amanda x x x

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Friday, September 24th 2010, 2:55pm

Hi Amanda

I have also been trying to find out info regarding the new Benenden Fertility Centre. I have spoken to them on the phone and as they are so new they have not published any results yet.

I have met the consultant for the clinic regarding a lap & dye that I needed during my previous treatments (also at the Chaucer) and he ended up doing my operation at the Benenden as this was much quicker than going via the NHS. I have tried to find out personal experiences via another fertility site & have found 2 ladies who have used the centre, I think 1 of those was successful.

Their rates are available online (just google Benenden fertility centre) & if you call them they will send you out a info pack.

I hope this helps. If you end up going there, perhaps you could let me know & I'll do the same! Good luck :smile:

Pickles xx



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Friday, October 22nd 2010, 8:24pm

Just adding a link to the HFEA page for this clinic and making it a sticky thread so that it can be found easily.
Benenden Fertility Centre

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Friday, January 7th 2011, 11:27am

Beneden Hospital - AVOID - i am hoping MAD at their treatment of me!!!!

Sorry ladies but I have some negative feedback regarding the Benenden Hospital.

I had an appointment with Mr Hefni in October which was for a hysteroscopy my clinic in Spain recomended i had (I was referred to Benenden by my GP) Mr Hefni discussed that he thought I should have a laparoscopy too as he thought I may have a cyst but wasnt 100% sure if it was a hydrosalpinge or not. So he didnt book in my hysteroscopy as wanted to "help me and review all my treatment" and carry out some further tests.

FYI - I have very low fertility and poor egg quality having had 5 ivf/icsi cycles and have moved onto egg donation in spain having had 2 ED cycles

I had my follow up appointment yesterday, where I didnt see Mr Hefni, i saw a member of the team who went through my blood test results and recommended we carry them out again next month as my fsh is 14 to see if this was a blip as this was too high for their IVF! I took him through my last 2.5 years of treatment and my rising FSH and stated that the test would only confirm the trend that I already knew about and having already emotionally and mentally accepted that it was unlikely I was going to have my own genetic child I was not interested in investigating my own fertility, as discussed with Mr Hefni, as they would only confirm what i already know, i was interested in preparing my body as best as possible for my next ED cycle. The guy didnt know anything about me or my history even though i had discussed this with Hefni. He went out to talk to Hefni who apparently said, fine, just book in the hysteroscopy. I then had to ASK about the cyst and the Lap that Mr Hefni had recommended to me and after a bit of fumbling was told they would "write" to me with a scan date and he couldnt book the lap as he didnt have the authority! they could book the hyst but due to changed NHS funding it now wouldnt be until May!

I asked if i could have my scan now and was happy to wait until they could fit me in as this was an issue that hefni had raised, not me, and that was why the hyst was not done in dec BEFORE the funding changes. He kindly made a couple of calls and sent me for the scan - and the scan lady was lovely.

Basically i feel that they are totally incompetant and have tried to lead me down the route of IVF with them even though i clearly stated this was not of interest to me as i have already emotionally moved on to ED - they have cost me 3 PRECIOUS MONTHS and now £3,000 to have the operation privately as i can not wait until May.

I would avoid them at all costs and go to Chraucer in canterbury who were absolutely lovely, professional, efficient and honest when i had 2 cycles with them. Miss Guyushi was very honest with me after i had an early mc with them and said "i am wasting my money on IVF with my own eggs" and I needed to move onto ED - Very hard to hear but she was looking after me and being honest.

Benenden have ignored what i have told and evidenced to them and were only interested in seeing if they could get me to pay for IVF with them


(I realise some will have had positive experiences)

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Thursday, May 8th 2014, 9:49am

benenden hospital fertility centre

“The benenden fertility centre has been open for four years, but it has not attracted the patient numbers we had hoped for. “It is always sad when a service does not thrive in a way that we would have liked.
“However, we are pleased that over the years we were able to help some couples to start the families they had longed for and the benenden babies born over the last four years are a lasting legacy.

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Monday, August 11th 2014, 3:50pm

hi is the hospital now closed as this is what i read on the website. benenden fertility centre open evening
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