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Friday, March 28th 2014, 12:35am

Newbie who needs help with results please!

Hi everyone,

I am new to this site, so maybe somebody could please help interpret these results....

Long story short to date: we have two fab children conceived naturally (medicated help for me but no ivf). I actually conceived the month where hubby had his first SA done, where count was 6 million. So delighted...

Fast forward to now, hubby just had SA done again and results are not good
Sperm count - 3 million
Motility - 32%
Morphology - 3% normal, 97% abnormal

Report says icsi recommended.

Consultant is doing bloods tests and referring him for testicular scan. Thinks he may have a varicocele. He said depending on outcome of scan and bloods, might be looking at icsi. Is there any way with those figures we could conceive naturally? I am nearly 39 so age is an issue. I suppose we really want to know what to expect, its been a long road already after 3 miscarriages and lots and lots of medication. Is there any hope for us without icsi?

Thanks, would really appreciate any input. Really glad I found this website, Gra. :-)

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Friday, March 28th 2014, 8:48am

Hi, i saw ur message and just thoight i would reply. I am about to start icsi treatment myself. I have ocos however i was using clomid which my body reacted well to but unfortunately didnt work for us. We were referred for iva and after sa my dh results were similar to urs in terms of mophology. They say its not impossible for u to fall pregnant but for us we have been trying from 2010 and we are 27. I would keep trying but get put on the list for icsi because it injects the slerm into the egg so you have a better chance.the dr said with morphologhy brcause the heads are not normal shaped they struggle to penetrate the egg.
Dont give up hipe though.keep trying.
Personally i think sa results can change dramatically and maybe getting another one done will show an improved result.we had 2 done and got 2 very different results and i wud love to try another one again to compare.
Vitamin c is supposed to be good to improve things for me.also wellman conception for me might help.

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