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Monday, July 25th 2011, 5:56pm

Clinic recommendations?? Reprofit, Kaali, Vistahermosa, Copenhagen

Hi, my head is spinning, I have been reading posts and researching clinics all day. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I am 38 and we are using own eggs and sperm. I have a blocked fallopian tube.

I saw Reprofit and Vistahermosa in Spain were popular. But their high success rate might be due to doner eggs.
Kaali in Budapest seems very reasonably priced for own eggs.
The Copenhagen Fertility Centre are also offering a 3 cycle package of IVF for 4,500 (pounds) which seems good for 3 goes.

Is anybody else researching or trying to choose a clinic. Any information from someone with experience that has researched and chosen their clinic, perhaps tried a few would be invaluable. I can't seem to make a decision and information on live births is dificult to find.



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Wednesday, July 27th 2011, 1:01pm

Hey there

Welcome to FZ! Hope you're finding you way around OK, if you need any help then just give me a shout.

I had treatment at Institut Marques in Barcelona, I chose them purely because my clinic here in the UK had a scheme running with them at the time and I was happy to trust their judgement. Plus, I needed donor eggs so not the same situation as you.

If you are looking for results and information it might be worth actually e-mailing a few clinics, sometimes it's not enough just to look at their websites. Spain is a very popular choice and most of the clinics there seem to have a very good reputation. I don't know anything much about clinics in other parts of Europe but I would be pretty certain that the quote you've had from Copenhagen does not include drugs - IVF drugs can be very expensive indeed so I would contact them to check this.

You may well need to have a UK clinic lined up for scans and bloods too, depending on how the protocols for treatment are at the clinic you end up choosing.

Whatever you do, make sure you're 100% happy with your choice, IVF is a major medical procedure and going abroad does add to the stress.

:goodluck: in whatever you decide, hope this helps a bit.

Love Gracie


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Saturday, January 12th 2013, 4:06am


We treated with Dr. Kovacs at the Kaali Institute in Nov. 2012. We traveled from the United States and found it very worth the trip. Dr. Kovacs and everyone at Kaali were very professional and knowledgable. We had better results at Kaali than in the States. Dr. Kovacs was so much better to work with than any other doctor we've used. The prices were very reasonable. We plan to use Kaali again in the future. I can't say enough what a positive experience we had with Dr. Kovacs!