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Saturday, November 10th 2012, 1:12pm

BFP with low amh- miracles can happen

Hi there,

I thought I would post to hopefully offer some encouragement to anyone with a low amh. I have recently had my 5th cycle of ivf, but was told the odds were against us as my amh is 2.2 and I also have elevated anti thyriod antibodies.

I was on Stims for only 5 days and 2 follicles detected. At egg collection they only got one egg and I was gutted. Thankfully it fertilised but my view was hat there was no way it could happen with only one egg. I had a 3 day transfer and yesterday was my test day 14 dpo. I'm delighted to say that it worked and I'm now pregnant with an hcg level of 235. So, to all you ladies, it can take just one, so don't lose hope. Xx



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Saturday, November 10th 2012, 1:24pm

Thankyou morvc for the hope through this post. my amh is 4 and have been told the only way of a BFP is through donor eggs. You have given me renewed hope. I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy. :)



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Saturday, November 10th 2012, 1:52pm


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Saturday, November 10th 2012, 2:51pm

Congratulations and good luck x

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Saturday, November 10th 2012, 3:15pm

Huge congratulations. My AMH was at 1.13 before my last cycle and we have one year old twins using my own eggs!



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Saturday, November 10th 2012, 3:35pm

My naturally conceived miracle is currently sleeping on my lap, my AMH was 1.79 several years back, heaven knows what it is now. Just goes to show you never can tell and there's always a chance!

:congrats: to you morvc




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Saturday, November 10th 2012, 3:41pm

Thank you for sharing this, my AMH was 1.8 and then after re test 3.2, I am 7 days into our 2ww with our only egg that was viable, we have had a 2 cell 2 day transfer on our third attempt so any good luck. Stories are really helpful.

Thanks x



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Saturday, November 10th 2012, 4:17pm

Congratulations Hun. I remember you and am so so pleased for you. Great piece of news to share with others with low Amh.x



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Saturday, November 10th 2012, 4:46pm

Huge congratulation! I hope one day I get a miracle xxxx

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Saturday, November 10th 2012, 6:05pm

Congratulations and wishing you a very healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. It is so good to share stories of hope and it warms my heart everytime someone who has had a struggle conceives.

I am exactly like you and have low AMH (2) and high thyroid antibodies (Hashimotos), but managed after 4 cycles to conceive my daughter who is now 14 months. During pregnancy my thyroid went hypo. Despite all that I have just had another BFP, FET using same batch of eggs from my daughter. Fingers crossed they stay sticky!

If you are reading this and have low AMH, please don't give up hope. Having a baby is a miracle and having miracles really can happen despite your circumstances. Xxx



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Saturday, November 10th 2012, 8:27pm

That is fantastic news xxx

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Saturday, November 10th 2012, 10:51pm

[zx055] and inspirational news!





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Sunday, November 11th 2012, 10:07am

Lovely news! And congratulations!



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Sunday, November 11th 2012, 5:11pm

Morvc that's lovely news- congrats xx

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Sunday, November 11th 2012, 5:16pm

Congratulations, wonderful story xxx

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