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Wednesday, October 10th 2012, 7:09pm

Foresight charity

Hi Me and my partner have after much debate gone to Foresight. We've had 4 unexplained miscarriages. Our last appointment with the Consultant showed that there was nothing wrong with either of us or the baby. Therefore he see no reason to put us through IVF as we can get pregnant and with the history of m/c it wouldn't be worth it. So to foresight we go - hair sample show high heavy metal levels especially copper, lead and aluminium, and low zinc levels for both of us. List of suggested supplements works out at around £525 for 4 months.

Has anyone else been with them, used their supplements, or know if I'd be able to get the same type of suppliments else where? I really do think it could help but unfortunately we haven't got £500 for this sort of thing.

Any ideas folks?
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Wednesday, October 10th 2012, 7:34pm

Hi Landroverjade,

Sorry no I haven't. My aunt uses something like this though, but she changed gher diet after tests rather than taking supplements, it worked well for her. Nothing to do with TTC though.

I' really sorry to read your comments about your consultant. It really makes me annoyed when they say there's nothing wrong as clearly after TTC for many years there must be, they just don't know what!

Have you looked into immune system issues that may be stopping you from carrying to term? If you haven't it might be an iddea. it's important to note that it's not supported yet by the NHS, and is only available in a few clinics across the UK. Have a look at a book called 'Is your body baby friendly' by Dr Beer. It makes compelling reading. This type of TX is crazy expensive, but they offer some guides on supplements, which aren't anything like the cost you're talking about.

Good luck.