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Monday, September 10th 2012, 9:22pm

C-Section questions

I was literally in the shower and thought of a load of probably silly questions about sections that I wouldnt mind some help in answering if possible! And who better to ask!? ::P

If anyone has any examples or stories about what a section (elective) involved Id also love to hear.

One thing i was thinking about and sorry if its TMI is that I know after delivery you have a long, heavy period- when does this usually start up? Because if its straight away then you'll need help with pads etc if you cant move much. Maybe im just thinking too much into it!

What happens when you get in the theatre? When is your OH allowed in? Do they have to wear srubs? What do we wear? What happens 'down there'?! (as in id imagine youd want it to be tidy but what if its not?!) :snigger:

I did have more but have forgotton! oops! x



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Monday, September 10th 2012, 9:49pm

Just posted in your diary hun about my experience ;) xxx



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Monday, September 10th 2012, 9:51pm

Hi hon, mine was emergency so bit different but I have been wondering a few things as also have elective this time.

My hospital says don't shave down there from 2 weeks before, can cause infection etc, but I know everywhere is different. You were a lovely hospital gown. OH was allowed in from the start, thank goodness! They wear scrubs, hat, very sexy! :)

I bled pretty much straight away after and had a little help re pads, only for a little while as was told to shower and take my dressing off 24 hours later, that scared the hell out of me but was actually fine. So bending carefully to do bits is ok. Obviously have a collostomy bag for a while too.

Before it was 6 weeks recovery time, driving etc. Now apparently it is 4. I remember feeling much much better by 3...

Be interesting to hear others' experiences.

Hope you and your boys are doing well hon xxxxxxx

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Monday, September 10th 2012, 9:58pm

Hiya, after my c section my period was near enough straight away and finished after about 6/7 weeks, the nurses help with pads to start with as you can really do much. My dh had to wear scrubs and was with me all the way through, took about half an hour to deliver and get into the recovery room. Before you go to theatre one of the nurses will shave the top of your bikini line which is where your scar will be. If you get anymore questions just ask xxx


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Monday, September 10th 2012, 10:23pm

Hi, Becks
My c-section was unplanned but not truly an emergency in that I did not have a choice but also was not rushed to theatre.

It is not advised to shave for a while before the date due to, as said above, the risk of minor nicks and therefore infection. This said, they will however trim/shave you before theatre as they cut below the top line of the hair. Don't worry too much about wanting to be neat - they have seen the patterns in every way shape and form from bald to full...

My friend (who was my birthing partner) was allowed in from the moment I went in as she is a nurse but many places will not allow partners in until after the spinal is done. If, for some reason, a GA is needed your partner will be asked to wait outside. You get to wear a standard hospital gown (bum in the breeze) and naught else other than maybe a cover for your hair. They wear basic scrubs, hat, mask and covers over their shoes.

The bleeding starts immediately. My nurses were very helpful at the start as they gave me a wash a few hours after the surgery, changed what needed changing and then checked the bleeding several times during the night - keeping in mind that I was done at 4:30 p.m.

Sensation returned quite quickly so I could feel if I was soiled but did not need to have changes more frequently than they checked on me as I did not flood. Bleeding is definitely MUCH heavier than the heaviest AF so do yourself a favour and buy those large incontinence pads for the first 24 hours. Thereafter you can see how your bleeding goes and decide whether to move down to the maternity pads. Normal heavy duty and night-time pads will definitely not be enough... Also, get yourself some of the incontinence sheets or whatever they are called - layers of tissue-paper over a plastic backing that you put onto your bed. The hospital will probably provide for when you are in but you will need them at home for bed use and for use while expressing or breastfeeding as you will often have a surge of bleeding at these times. If you don't use all of them they come in very handy as an emergency spare changing mat for those times when one or both little ones wee or poo through all the layers they have on...

With regards to moving afterwards - barring any problems the routine here is have the mum up and out of bed as soon as possible. Generally those who have their sections in the morning will be allowed to remain in bed for about 18 to 20 hours. Because I was done later in the day I was allowed to remain slug-abed till 9a.m. (16 and a half hours rather than the 12 hours I would have had if they got me up at the same time as they normally get the early ladies up) at which time I was assisted to get out of bed and went to the shower. My dressing was waterproof so it stayed on for the first 48 hours.

Do yourself a favour and try to move as much as you can once out of bed - the less you move the more you fear moving because you are anticipaing it to hurt, the more you tense up and the more pain you will experience and this will become a vicious circle. I found that I had very little pain and did not need much in the way of pain killers once I got up as I took a walk at least every 1-2 hours during the day and from nursing experience I have noted that those who are resistant to moving take longer to become completely pain free.

As your little ones will be a bit early, I do not know when they will allow them to suckle. If your plan is to breast feed make sure you ask this of your doctor and the nursing staff. If they are not ready to feed from you, ask for assistance to express. Even one or two drops of colostrum in the first few hours is a great help to the babas.

If there is anything else you need more info on, please feel free to contact me...

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Monday, September 10th 2012, 11:01pm

My c-section was an unplanned emergency, but it was calm as although it was classed as an emergency there was no real danger to me or my daughter. She was breech and I wa only 2 cm dilated, so there was time. But my pelvis was too small for a natural birth, which they do here in Norway as standard if all is ok with the pelvis size.

I thought I'd share as my experience has been a bit different to others. I didn't bleed a lot afterwards to be honest. I wouldn't ever say it was heavy, more like a spotting that lasted a while. I was told they did a good job of cleaning everything up inside after my c-section and if this happens you won't bleed so much. In the first hours/ day after they will take good care of you, changing pads and making sure you have everything you need.

DH wasn't allowed in with me while I got my spinal, but as soon as that was sorted he came in with scrubs on and was there all the time. They were fantastic and the whole experience was very calm. As sections go, it went very well and I only lost 400ml blood. Normal is about 500ml.

I had my daughter just before 2pm and got to spend 45 minutes with her and DH before I was taken to recovery to be monitored and get some rest. she took to the breast straight away and then slept the whole time I was in recovery. DH was with her all that time. I was taken back to my room to DH and N at around 7pm. People say they were too excited to sleep, but I hadn't slept in a good few days, so slept like a log while in recovery.

The returning of the sensation took a while for me. I was in bed all of that evening and most of the next day. It is quicker returning for some more than others. By the evening after I got up out of bed. They will want to make sure you can wee and poo after taking the catheter out! To begin I was very sore, but they were great and kept me topped up with morphine, which I have to say was great stuff! After that i just took the odd paracetemol. My dressing was left on for a week. My stitches dissolved inside and I just had glue strips on the outside. It has healed wonderfully and quickly. I do have a fold over the top of the scar, but I think this is quite normal unless you are super, super slim.

I tried to move and walk as much as I could to get everything going again. I'd say by 3-4 weeks after I was feeling pretty much back to normal. I was fairly active right from the start taking walks everyday and i think this really helped.

However, I was really affected by the physical aspect of being cut open and it took me a long time before I felt like I wasn't going to rip my scar open. All psychological, but important to bear in mind. For months I wore tight big pants as I couldn't bear anything around my scar and I really liked the support. I think N was 9 months old when I felt like I could wear normal underwear again!

Take people up on the offers of help! Even just to come and clean the house or bring you meals.

Trying to think what other information would be useful for you. If you have any more questions ask away. Hope it all goes well for you. Xxx

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Tuesday, September 11th 2012, 11:21am

Thanks for posting this Rebekah as I will be having an elective c-section too so its really good to hear other ladies experiences.

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Tuesday, September 11th 2012, 11:55am

What fab advice girls!! Thank you all so much. Its a huge HUGE help! Ive had operations before but never a section so its hard to know what to expect. And then all these thoughts run through your mind (mine usually when im in the shower, as you do haha) and its great to have them answered. Its really good to know how different hospitals do things, even although it all sounds very much on a par.

Im already using incontinence pads which are horrible and feel like nappys BUT. You feel so much more secure, because normal pads, even maternity pads dont feel absorbant enough so i think il just buy some more ready just incase. I know in my case im leaking fluid atm but i usually have quite heavy, sometimes very heavy periods so i think il buy them to be on the safe side.

Im not too worried about being neat, considering i havent even seen it for months!!! hahaha! Sorry TMI! Its crazy how things youd usually worry about before pregnancy seem to be a distant memory from the time you get pregnant, especially if youve had treatment!

The midwife helped show me how to express a week or so ago and she said i had more colostrum from one boob than a lot of ladies have from both so im hoping thats a good sign! I really want to express if i can. I think if i reach 34 weeks il have more chance of being able to and actually feed them.

Im definately going to try moving asap. They did say if i have a cough, sometimes they leave the epidural in longer than normal to help with the pain, but im not fussed on this idea as i really feel getting up will be more beneficial. And lots of ladies say if you sit with a pillow against you if you have to cough or sneeze it helps.

Argh im so glad i wrote this post!! Youve all been fab! its such a crazy time, lots to think about! x