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Monday, August 27th 2012, 7:54pm

Can someone help me work out when I may have ovulated? So confused trying to pinpoint it . .

I'm new to taking obs on myself each month and I'm trying to get my head around when/if I ovulated this month. If I write my observations can someone advise me on when I ovulated? I'm really confused!

Baseline temp for 6-7 days previous: 36.4c

On Friday 24th at 6pm: Positive OPK
Temp: Could not take accurately as get up 2 hours early to do a second job. Was a low 36.3 even after getting up and having a hot shower, so I've estimated it was about 36c
Other symptoms: Left sided ovary discomfort/pulling sensation from 11am -9pm, it went away by about 9pm.
BD: At 9.30pm that night

On Saturday 25th at 9am: Negative OPK
Temp: 36.3c
Other symptoms: None
BD: At 9pm that night

On Sunday 26th at 9am: Didn't check OPK
Temp: 36.6c (post-ovulatory temperature rise?)
Other symptoms: None
BD: At 9pm

On Monday 27th at 9am: Didn't check OPK
Temp: 36.7c
Other symptoms: Some mild twinges in lower abdomen
BD: At 5pm

I'm thinking that I probably got the LH surge starting around 11am due to the ovary pain (hopefully the ripe follicle stretching the membrane of the ovary) and that the 6pm positive OPK was catching the tail end (hence the negative OPK the next day).

However, I'm confused about that, because apparently the ovary pain at ovulation can also be caused when the follicle ruptures and spills out fluid as well as the egg . . which would mean I ovulated at around 11am and make the OPK skewed?

I'm thinking that I had definately ovulated by Sunday 26th as my temperature rose the .2c above the coverline . . however I also read that you are still considered 'fertile' until the third day of the higher temperature (after that time you are 'infertile' as the egg has either been fertilised (hope to anything) or been 'lost'. So tomorrow (the 28th) marks my 'infertile time'.

Looking at all tis information - the timings, events and observations don't seem to tie in very well. . . can anyone look with a fresh eye and help me pinpoint when ovulation might have been? ?o( ?o(

Also, it there any easier/more precise way to identify ovulation, would the ClearBlue monitor help here?

Thanks x

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Monday, August 27th 2012, 8:16pm

I could never get my head around all this stuff, so sorry I can't help you with pinpointing ovulation! I used the monitors and they were always bang on. I didn't realise that I was ovulating so late until I started using these. Also, I was told to bed every other night as it was better for the swimmers, so maybe you could try that. Wishing you the best of luck. Xxx

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Monday, August 27th 2012, 8:30pm

Hi Grace,

It's so confusing isn't it?! ?o(

So which monitor/s did you use and how are they better than an OPK? The only one I've seen in Boots is the ClearBlue one . . . although I accidentally clicked on a web link that uses a stick on patch that detects ?hormones? and you log on to the tracking website and it alerts you as to when you ovulate etc (think I got that right!)

I'm trying to work out how many DPO I am - guessing at ?2-3,

I wish my abdomen was see-through!




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Monday, August 27th 2012, 8:44pm

The only way to be 100% sure you have ovulated is with a blood test. However it is very hard to pin point the exact time, you can only go with your body and by making sure you have sex when you have the surge. With time and experience you will learn to know if you have ovulated looking at your cm, and other changes your body goes through. Ovulation happens between 12 and 48 hours after the positive opk, which tells you about your lh surge, whichever test, monitor or kit you use. They all do the same, they tell you are having the lh surge. You then ovulate a few hours afterwards. The lh surge only lasts a few hours so there is no point in doing any more tests after a positive. Nobody here or elsewhere can tell you at what time you ovulated cos we don't know. You will also find that every month is different, and it will take you time to learn about it all.
Fertility, learning about your body and its fertile time and ttc take time, so use this month as a starting point. It's a good idea to write notes so you can go back in time.
The best thing to do for the time being is to have sex every other day so you can be sure to cover your fertile window.
Take care and try not to stress.

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Monday, August 27th 2012, 10:58pm

Maria is right it does take a while to get used to charting, BBT alone will only indicate ovulation after it has happened so it can take a few months to get the hang of the way your body works and the indicators it gives when you are near ovulation. A really good book about BBT called 'Taking Charge of Your Fertility' by Toni Weschler, here is a link to the TCOYF website ** not a FZ endorsed link** take a look it may help give you more insight with some of the questions you have.

Good luck! xfingers