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Saturday, August 25th 2012, 6:47pm

Technical questions about the corpus luteum, and BBT?


I'm wondering if anyone knows how long it takes the body to make a corpus luteum cyst after ovulation? Is it days/hours?

Also, with BBT . . how many degrees difference would you expect to see after you have gotten up and been out, then come home and relaxing after your day?

My BBT dipped ysterday to 36c from 36.4 pretty consistently, I had cramps on my left side and a positive OPK so I am *hoping* I ovulated. ?o( :?: :thumbsup:

Today is the day after and my temperature was back to 36.4 again today (at usual time), however it is now 36.7 at 7pm and I'm wondering if this is the start of the increase?. . . I'm really hoping it will increase in the next few days, hence I'm wondering if the corpus luteum take a bit of time to form and start producing progesterone. If not temperature rise then presumably I didn't ovulate? :(

Thanks x



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Saturday, August 25th 2012, 7:29pm

Hi KittenElle, i havnt been chatting withu before but saw your question..

as far as im aware it is not relevant how temp changes during the day as it will change if u hav been exerciseng, drinking etc.. as far as i was aware the important temp is first thing in the morning just before u get out of bed and at least 3 hours consecutive sleep before u wake up.

i was with an acupuncturist this today who looked at my temp chart.. i have been ttc naturally for about 2 years but have decided go now for ivf..he is going to support me through this but has said that my system is low and .. ideally u temp should be up to 36.7 after ovulation .. my temp does rise after ovulation but not high enough to about 36.4 and sometimes higher...i also do the Ovulation test which come up positive so i can tally it with when my rise should begin..doe sthis make sense.. its just my understanding..

so it is the temp in the am that u should be looking at..

Hope x
let me know what u think of this.. i havnet read thro this thread but must now

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Saturday, August 25th 2012, 9:40pm

Hi KittenElle

Hope is spot on, your temperature in the day is irrelevant when taking your BBT. Have a read of this thread INFO: A ROUGH GUIDE TO BBT CHARTING

Good luck.