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  • "Zahra" started this thread

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Monday, May 14th 2012, 5:02pm

Please help me decipher my test results

Hi ladies

I would be grateful if someone could help me out. My test results have come out and I am very worried. My results are as following:

Natural Killer assay panel All with in limits except:

CD3 = 79.7
CD19 = 4.1
CD56 = *12.4
CD19 + cells, CD5 + = * 14.5

Leukocyte Antibody Detection
Flowcytometry = NEGATIVE

(T-cells) IgM+ = 1.8
(T-cells) IgM+ = 11.7
(B-Cells)IgM+ = 13.2
(B-cells) IgM+ = 4.5

NK assay w/Intralipid

50:1 w/intralipid 1.5 mg/ml = 7.9
25:1 w/intralipid 1.5 mg/ml = 5.7

DQ Alpha Antigens

DQ Alpha = 0102, 0505 (mine) (doctor wrote 1.2, 4.1)
DQ Alpha = 0505, 0505 (husband) (doctor wrote 4.1, 4.1)


46, XX (mine)
46, XY (husband)

TH1/TH2 Cytokines Panel

TNF-a: IL-10 (CD3+CD4+) = 34.0
IFN-g: IL-10 (CD3+CD4+) = 21.3
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Monday, May 14th 2012, 5:30pm

The only one I can say for definite that is I know anything about is the karyotyping. That's normal and as it should be. Sorry couldn't be more help.
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Monday, May 14th 2012, 6:46pm

Hi Zahara,
Only your consultant can fully explain to you what your results mean. I can try to explain a little, but It will not be as good. Your consultant will explain to you fully what they all mean and the treatment offered.

NK (Natural Killer) cells: they can give you lots of stuff for these: steroids, intralipids (that's what the assay is for, to check if the intralipids work on your NK cells) and IVIGs.
NK cells:
CD56: Natural killer cells are named such because they have an inherent capacity to identify foreign or abnormal self-self and effect their elimination. When their number reaches a certain level they are likely to be associated with reproductive failure
CD19+cells, CD5+ :They represent a class of B cells that is involved in autoimmune disorders (conditions where the body mounts an immune response against a body tissue). Women with elevations of these cells may be at risk for thyroiditis and the premature menopause.
Because some of your NK are high they can give intralipids and steroids. They may aslo give you more progesterone after ET.

Leukocyte Antibody Detection or LAD: Leukocyte antibodies are cells found in your body that attack leukocytes. Leukocytes are commonly referred to as white blood cells. Low levels of leukocyte antibodies have been linked with fertility problems. Women with lower-than-normal levels of the antibodies are more likely to: experience a miscarriage, have a stillbirth, have repeated spontaneous abortions. Treatment is available for this condition. Leukocyte Immunization Therapy (LIT) helps to increase the level of leukocyte antibodies in your blood. You are injected with your partner's (or a donor's) white blood cells, which helps your body to increase its number of leukocyte antibodies. This should help you to maintain a pregnancy.

DQ Alpha Antigens: Human Lymphocyte Antigen DQ (HLA DQ) is a test for both the male and female genes that indicate a predisposition to immune response function between the two partners. According to theory, if the male and female genotypes overlap significantly, there is a predictable adverse effect on the early pregnancy due to lack of immune protection.

The Karyotype results are all normal (you both have 46 chromosome, XX is the female, XY, the male.).

Cytokynes: the immune system is balanced between a TH1 (autoimmune) and TH2 (pregnancy or suppressive response). TH1 predominance can also be associated with reproductive failure. For the cytokines they can give you Humira and/or intralipids and IVIGs
The 2 above can stop the embryo from implanting and (the NK cells) an even attack your pregnancy hormones
Your cytokines seem ok. You do need to put your lab 's normal values though, mine were 85! If I remember 30 is the cut off value, but I'm not sure. For these you can take humira. I have taken it and they have gone down.

Sorry I hope it helps, I can't remember much as I can't find my old results.
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Take care and try not to worry. All this is perfectly treatable.

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Monday, May 14th 2012, 7:02pm

If you haven't already got it, I'd recommend you buy a book by Dr Beer called Is your body baby friendly? It will help you to understand every area of this in detail and is laid our really well. Dr Beer was an amazing Dr in the field of reproductive immunology.

Maria has included a lot of depth to her reply, I'd just like to add that in the NK assay you responded well - this is positive.

Wishing you lots of luck for the future. xxx

  • "Zahra" started this thread

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Tuesday, May 15th 2012, 11:54am

First i would like to thank you for helping me out!

I spoke to Dr G regarding our results, he said the raised CD56 and CD19 + cells, CD5 he will give me steriods or interlipid/IVIG. Progestrone after ET

The LAD result, he said is negative, at this stage he said we have the option to throw everything and have LIT. We decided to go for it and he has put us on the list.

So the summarise, he said first have TB test (is that normal), then Humeira, then LIT. He also put me on oral pill from tonight.
We will be seen in 4 weeks time to discuss treatment plan.
""Life doesn't require that we be the best, only that we try our best!!!""




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Tuesday, May 15th 2012, 4:40pm

Excellent. Glad we could all help out and you have a treatment plan already. The TB tests is to see if you have latent TB, as Humira will lower your immune system. You cannot TTC while on humira, you can't risk it that's why the pill.
Good luck xfingers

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