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Monday, April 9th 2012, 11:19am

What tests now ?

We have done 2 courses of IVF with icsi and both failed. We have just failed a third time using eggs from the second collection. Two were put back in and they failed.

So we have been told we will now do some more testing of the female it seems. Any idea what they will test for ? This is with CARE in sheffield.

The problem seems to be with me. The sperm are ok, but only about 10m. Motility seems normal as does morphology. I only have one working testicle due to a left one which was undecended until age 9.

Also i was thinking if the problem is my sperm, could we use another mans sperm and use my wifes eggs. I really dont mind as we just want to be parents.




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Monday, April 9th 2012, 11:23am

Hi marsaday,

it does take time for IVF to work and sometimes it's just bad luck. You only need a little amount of sperm, in fact you only need 1 sperm cell for one baby!

The other tests you could do would be immunology tests, even though it's a bit of an experimental areas. Have a look: INFO: A ROUGH GUIDE TO IMMUNOLOGY

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Monday, April 9th 2012, 4:20pm

Hi Marsaday,

I think if you've been able to get embryos from your ICSI cycle then that's pretty much got you through any sperm issues - as Maria says, it only takes one and the selection process used in ICSI means that they have selected your best ones to get you some embryos which is great!

I've also had 3 goes - all failed - and my next follow-up appt is this Friday. I plan to speak with my doc about more tests such as immunology and genetic screening (apparently some embryos that look good and grow at the right rate can have some genetic abnormalities that means they will never make it - this is the case for everybody, not just people going through IVF/ICSI). I'd really like to know more about these to see if there's anything else we could be doing to improve our chances. I understand your worry though - once you start with fertility treatment, it just seems to be a series of tests, waiting, treatments, more waiting (!!) and medical bills! How is your partner coping with it?

Good luck - here's hoping we all get there eventually. xfingers

C xx

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  • "marsaday" started this thread

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Saturday, April 14th 2012, 4:48pm

Hi there

It is a waiting game alright.

We may be looking at going to care nottingham because they do all the special tests you mentioned.

She is ok, we both are, but it is a difficult journey. I am just glad it is spring because this helps the mood a bit more.