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Wednesday, February 1st 2012, 7:58pm

Occasional Smoking

Hiya i was wanting some advise from you please. We we have had 5 x ICSI and can no longer afford to carry on so we have went the last year just hoping something may happen naturally. So we both quit smoking whilst going through all the treatment but over the last few months my partner has taken up to smoke now and again when having a drink which is mabe once a month. So i would say he mabe having 4 cigs a Month with a few beers. I am very concerned and i feel any work he has done to increase his sperm count by quitting in the 1st place would be effected so i blow up every time this happens and its causing arguments.
He seems to think this small amount cant possibly effect this. What do you all think, am i looking in to this to much, ive read it takes 3 month to replace any effected sperm so i am scared he is doing this once a month then its taking 3 month to re produce and that rate i will never be pregnant. Am i crazy.

Thanks Laura
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Wednesday, February 1st 2012, 8:25pm

Knock the smokming on the head as it damages general health and is really bad in regard to male fertility, sperm production and quality are affected by smoking. I gave up when my DW and I started fertility treatment and feel better for it. It's worth it and he'll see that - I know I did, was grumpy as hell for 1st 2 weeks but haven't craved since and that's almost a year ago.



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Wednesday, February 1st 2012, 10:51pm

Oh so easily said Demon yet incredibly hard to do.
My DH went back to smoking (what yours does in a month, he does in a day Laura.

TTC can be so stressful and IMO as humble as it is, I think forcing him to give up can do untold damage. He will have a sneaky fag I bet ya.

4 cigs a month is not a hardened smoker.

I would talk to him and explain things but please no pressure. It really doesn't work.

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Wednesday, February 1st 2012, 11:09pm

I agree with Taxi, obviously in an ideal world, no cigs is the best but in an ideal world we wouldn't all be going through this, and in an ideal world none of us would ever eat or drink anything naughty in between treatment, as well as during... I used to smoke and only gave up 6 years ago because we were ttc, but I do think it is a little different for women, and it is sooo hard! Of course it would be great if he could stop entirely again but it's got to be completely his choice...xxxx

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Wednesday, February 1st 2012, 11:15pm

Hi laura, i know giving up is so hard, I only gave up because of treatment, but could your dh try those electronic fags instead. If he can go the majority of the month without any cigs it seems a shame to undo all the hard work and effort just for 4 cigs. xxx
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