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  • "VRBennett83" started this thread

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Tuesday, November 22nd 2011, 4:20pm

Help! Count of <1million and arrogant consultant told us no hope!

Me again - ok so briefly our story in a nutshell is DH has low sperm count and what we can only guess is low motility (believe it or not no one has ever actually told us this, it's what we saw on the results). DH has done repeated sperm tests and found half of them showed 1million sperm (with varying motility, ranging from "non seen" to "some motility seen".) DH also had chromosonal test which was normal.

We have had 2 cycles of ICSI - both so far a disaster. 1st cycle failed fertilisation as there was no sperm in the fresh samples on the day of EC and so frozen was used which was later deemed as "poor quality". 2nd cycle resulted in just 2 mature eggs, both becoming embryo's. 1st ET 1 embryo put back which implanted and I miscarried at 7wks. We have 1 frozen embryo left for which we now have no hope at all.

My query is this - when we went back to the clinic today we were determined to enquire about more tests for DH. It occurred to us tha 18 months into the hell that is infertility, DH had had just a few SA's and 1 blood test. We didn't even know the name of what he has! We thought it was time we had some answers. The consultant acted genuinly offended when DH queried about having more tests done, and kept saying "But why would you want more done?!". We explained we had had no answers and wanted to know why we were having to go through this hell. DH raised the issue of his sperm count and ways to increase it and the consultant kept saying "you can't." over and over! When we pushed for an explanation he gave none except "with a count like that you aren't going to increase it". He got more and more cross with us as we asked more questions until eventually we gave up and left.

DH has made an appointment with the GP to see if he can get a referral to a Urologist at the local hospital to talk it over.

Why does our (arrogant) consultant say we cannot improve DH's sperm count ?!
Me - 28
DH - 32, low sperm count and motility

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Tuesday, November 22nd 2011, 6:17pm

Hi sorry to hear about your DH sperm count and your arrogant consultant. My dh is living proof you can improve sperm count. He was classed as have a low sperm count and low motility docs said we needed ICIS. He started on a few vits and our first cycle (which feels like many moons ago) he count on the day was average what ever that means. They decided to use IVF instead of ICIS this resulted in only one embryo out of 7 which was poor quality. :tear: result :BFN:

4 cycles later and mass of vits and a total change in life style. DH count has massively improved. I think but cant really remember his last count was something like 75 million. cant remember motility. Although our last cycle failed which prob had more to do with my body than his sperm we had much better results. 11 eggs 8 fertilized 2 fab embryos (which we had never had before) the other 6 made it to day 5 but none good enough to freeze, but still good that their made it to day 5.

other tests he had on his sperm were Sperm Aneuploidy Test and Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test. both of these came back good.

So heres his vits

L-carnitine 500mg
Garlic 1000mg
Taurine 500mg
Calcium 800mg
Coenzyme q10
Folic Acid 400ug
Vit B 12 1000ug
Vit B 6 100mg
Vit E 400iu
Selenium 200ug
L-arginine 500mg
Zinc 15mg
Vit C 200mg
Triple omega 3.6.9

He also stopped smoking, drinking, drinking coffee, eats loads of fruit and veg, no hot baths

Hope this helps and good luck x x x
7 x BFN: :rant:

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Tuesday, November 22nd 2011, 8:25pm

Jude S has given you some good advice there, I would add that if your dh does excercise, especially cycling which is terrible for sperm production, he should consider giving it a bit of a rest (or doing less). If he uses a laptop then he should make sure he doesn't put it on his lap as they get quite hot and also he should wear loose fitting underwear at work to let air circulate. Consultants tend to be very arrogant and don't like being questions, in my experience most of them seem to think you should do as you are told and accept what they say without question (something I just can't do). If your dh has even 1 forwardly mobile sperm in his sample then there is hope, however remote, that conception can be achieved as it only takes 1 sperm! Once you have made any changes necessary then your dh should wait 3 months before having another sample analysed as it takes 3 months for the changes to take affect.

Did you ask the consultant why he thinks that your dh's sample is so low? A urologist is a good idea as he will be more interested in finding out why there is a problem rather than just sending you off down the infertility route, sometimes these things can be resolved or healthier, livelier sperm can be harvested directly.

My dh had borderline count and high abnormal forms, after starting to take zinc and selenium (the only changes I could get him to make) his count came up to normal and his abnormal forms decreased to borderline normal, while we ultimately still needed ICSI the first time round we did go on to get a natural BFP afterwards so I suspect there was something going on with my body as well that wasn't showing up in tests.

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Tuesday, November 22nd 2011, 9:51pm

Hi hun sorry you are going through this tough time the whole infertility thing is just awful wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. That consult sounds very unhelpful!. True you would never get the count to a normal level but you can improve it slightly Hun.
We have a low male count on the first 2 tests DP did 2 years ago it was 1 mil and 1.5mil and that why we embarked on icsi as told it wouldn't be any different, granted it no where near normal now but with a healthy diet, conception supplements,maca tablets and loose undies he averages 5-10 mil now every time. So if DH is happy to do those adjustments then I world Defo give it a whirl hun.
Good luck my lovely hope you get your dream soon xxxx


ME 34 ( couple of immune issues Inc low progestrone)
DP 40 LOW [zx151] COUNT
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Icsi no.3 with immune meds nov 2011 = BFN! :bawl:
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  • "VRBennett83" started this thread

Posts: 28

Reg: Aug 8th 2010

Location: Derbyshire

Children: William, our last embryo, was our miracle!

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Wednesday, November 23rd 2011, 10:01pm

Jude S - cheers me dears! Advice noted! Will see what I can get DH doing!

Grace - No the consultant has never told us why he thinks it is so low. He seems to think that DH has a low sperm count and that's all we need to know. I had to forcefully ask what it is that DH has actually got and he eventually said it was OATS but seemed fed up with the line of questioning. We were left both very heartbroken because you always want to hope that you can improve a situation and maybe even get a natural bfp. Will defo head off to see a urologist and get some answers, as well as some immune tests and what not through the GP. Thinking we got thrown into ICSI all too quick!

Mistykins - exactly - that's all we want, improvement. Beats me why the consultant seemed so damned certain there was no point in even considering improvement. Perhaps he is thinking that improving things too well might eventually (by way of miracle) result in natural bfp and perhaps the overpaid twonk will lose out on his dollars!
Me - 28
DH - 32, low sperm count and motility

ICSI #1- failed fertilsation
ICSI #2, 2 embies. 1 put back and :BFP: miscarried 7wks

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