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Saturday, October 8th 2011, 2:23pm

IVF clinic changes & i wasnt told

Hello :)

I've been on the IVF NHS list for 4 years. They sent me a letter in the beggining
stating I was "catagory D and I will get IVF between April 2012/March 2013. Seeing that I
had to waait to turn 23years old, as I wasn't allowed on the list until then, this is long!

Anyway to cut the story short, I was originally on the list for Kings College Hospital London.
And after a converstation with my partner, (him telling me to phone to see if I'm still on the list)
So I did, I phoned Kings up 3weeks ago, and was soooooo shocked to hear that they had lost the contract with
my local PCT which is Barnet nearly two years ago!!!!! I was disgusted and so upset, noone told me, imagine
if I didn't call up I would be waiting till next year or the following. Really angry.

Glad I chased it up because I wrote to my GP and his secertary phoned me yesterday to say
She had spoken to the PCT and they have received funding for me, and I have a choice now, either
Guys Hospital or UCH. I'm very happy.

So please ladies chase theses people up. If u don't, u will be left waiting a very long time.

All the best to you all.

Lots of love xxx
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Saturday, October 8th 2011, 6:44pm

Yes, it's always better to check and double check....