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Wednesday, August 17th 2011, 4:55am

When can I start IVF after a laparoscopy?????

Hi ladies. I was due to start IVF next week but got diagnosed with another ectopic yesterday and needed an emergency laparoscopy to remove my one remaining tube :-( I'm wondering when clinics say that you can start another IVF cycle after this procedure? Many thanks xxxx
Me 34 DH 40.
DS born without any problems- 2006

*1st miscarriage- blighted ovum June 2008
*2nd miscarriage September 2008
*1st ectopic- left tube rucptured Xmas Eve 2008
*2nd ectopic- right tube treated with methotrexate September 2009
*1st IVF- March 2010- chemical pregnancy
*2nd IVF July 2010- BFN
*FET December 2010- BFP. Twins from one egg! Lost twin one at 9 weeks and twin 2 at 10weeks
*Diagnosed with elevated anti thyriod antibodies May 2011
*Surprise natural BFP August 2011- 3rd ectopic. Right tube removed.



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Wednesday, August 17th 2011, 10:43am

Oh dear Morvc I'm so sorry about this :sadface:

Well I suppose on the upside this was done laparascopically so it means minimal scarring to recover from and minimal invasion. However you do need time to heal and like any wound 6-8 weeks is a ball park timescale. Also you'd want to be sure there was no infection post surgery etc.

I know it's not quite the same but when I had my last surgery prior to IVF at the start of Aug 07 I started down regging (long protocol that time) near the end of Oct 07. So not long at all. I didn't have a huge window to work with but they were obviously happy to start me off within about 10 weeks of surgery. That surgery took 5hrs and was massively invasive - so I reckon you'll probably be good to go in about 8-10 weeks, which would coincide with your AF getting back to normal etc.

All that aside, I hope you're doing ok :cuddle:


Me 40 DH 35 TTC 10yr
peritoneal mesothelioma, cystectomy 97 & 00
peritonectomy, lost both tubes & most of left ovary Aug 07

Dec 07 BFP b/ov m/c 9.6wk
July 08 BFN
Dec 08 BFP b/ov m/c 9.6wk

July 09 BFN
Nov 09 BFP 2 x sacs 1 b/o 1 no hrtbt m/c 9.2wk
May10 BFP at 8+4 m/mc @10wk scan ERPC

Found: High NK cells, DQ Alpha match, LAD neg & PAI-1 pos...

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