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Monday, October 4th 2010, 8:18pm

Newbie with PCOS, about to start clomid and looking for others in the same boat

Afternoon All

Just as the title states really I am new to this board but not new to TTC. I suppose some info about myself would be useful, so here goes;

I am 27, husband is 32. We have been TTC for almost 9 years with no success at all. I have recently had a confirmed diagnosis of PCOS however there were thoughts a while back this is what I was suffering with. Since then we have had some other tests. DH 1st SA came back with poor quality however the 2nd came back absolutely fine and our fertility doctor is happy that the 1st one was just an “off” sample as the results of the 2nd were too good for it to be deemed and underlying problem. I myself have had a hysteroscopy on the 06/08/10 which found that I have a bicornuate uterus and the lining was extremely thick.

I used to suffer with constant AF and until the hysteroscopy I had, had the same AF since before last Christmas!

Things have suddenly gone from being a few investigations to full on and I am looking for somewhere to go for help and advise.

So since the hysteroscopy this is what has happened:

06/08/10 – Hysterocopy performed - Advised of bicornuate uterus and thick lining
07/08/10 – 27/08/10 – Taking Norethisterone as directed after the hysteroscopy – No AF
27/08/10 – 05/09/10 – AF arrived
06/09/10 – 26/09/10 – No AF (stopped naturally – no medication)
27/09/10 – 01/10/10 – Very light bleeding, in fact no sanitary wear was needed, only noticed something when I wiped (sorry if TMI) and then it was mostly mixed with EWCM.
30/10/10 – Meeting with fertility doctor – Due to the confirmation of PCOS (again) have been prescribed metformin (which makes me feel like utter rubbish) and also advised of DH 2nd SA was A-OK! He then decided to put me on clomid for my next cycle, I have also been booked in for a HSG after my next AF.
01/10/10 – Present – Nothing at all, no pink tinges, all stopped again naturally. A big thing in my life as you can tell you.

So I have many a questions after 9 years of TTC I am about fit to burst that finally something is happening!

I on on 1500mg a day of the metformin and I have 3 months worth of clomid at 50mg. I am nervous as hell. I have never ever felt this scared about anything. Scared that if it works will I turn out to be a cr@p mother and scared if it doesn’t that its more heartbreak. I am not allowing myself to see this as the definitive answer to a baby because if I get too emotionally caught up in it then I don’t think I can handle the disaapointment.

Anyway sorry for the long post and congratultions if you got to the end. Any advice/success stories from those who have come out the other end of clomid (especially with PCOS) would be much appreciated.

Sending lots of babydust to you all




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Monday, October 4th 2010, 8:48pm


I hope you like it on here, we have very friendly and supportive members that are sure to make your TTC journey that little bit easier, I hope you feel right at home with us all soon.

Here are some links that you may find useful.

There is an abbreviations section
HERE so you know what we're all going on about.

There is a ** GETTING STARTED - FZ FACTS, TIPS & HELP ** thread
HERE this contains everything you need to know about getting started on FZ. We would appreciate it too if you could take a quick look over our brief terms of the site HERE so you can familiarise yourself with the one or two small rules we have, which help to keep FZ the safe and friendly site it is!

There is a ** NEW TO THE SITE? A BIT LOST? POST FOR HELP HERE!!! ** thread
HERE where you can post any questions you have about how to use the site, a team member will answer you as soon as possible!

There is a how to search thread
HERE so you can get the maximum benefit from the forum.

There is a clomid and ovulation induction section
HERE so you can get to know others on clomid and ride the clomid roller coaster together.

There is a CLOMID CHICKS CHAT thread
HERE where all the clomid girls hang out and support each other and also the OVULATION INDUCTION INJECTIBLES CHAT thread HERE

There is a cycle buddies section
HERE so you can get to know others having TX at the same time as you.

There is a 2WW section
HERE and a 2WW CHAT thread HERE so you can compare every twinge and symptom with everyone else.

There is a PCOS section
HERE there is loads of information here and also a really useful guide to weight and PCOS HERE

And finally!! Have you seen that lots of our members have fancy names in their signatures? If you’re interested in having something similar it’s really easy to do. Have a look
HERE to choose a style. If there isn't one you like there, let us know the kind of thing you'd like and we'll try and create one for you.

Because the running of the site completely depends on the kindness of our members, we ask for a small donation in return for a signature name, which is explained
HERE. Hang around a bit and get to know us before you decide if you'd like to support us!

If you have any questions about anything, just ask. :smile:



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Monday, October 4th 2010, 9:34pm

Anyway sorry for the long post and congratultions if you got to the end. Any advice/success stories from those who have come out the other end of clomid (especially with PCOS) would be much appreciated.

*puts hand up and waves* - I did :D As did many others on here who I'm sure will be along soon to say hi.

I'm not going to lie, it's a hard road. All fertility treatment is but there seems to be something 'special' about clomid that turns a large number of us stark raving mad! Best advice is to take each day at a time, try not to think too far ahead, be kind to yourself (chocolate helps!) and make sure you ask questions about anything and everything you are worried about. Pop into the clomid chicks thread that Eeyore gave you the link to and you'll find lots of members in the same or similar situation to get support from.

Are you being monitored on clomid with tracking scans and bloods? It's so important.

Good luck. I hope your journey is short and as painfree as it can be!


ttc since July 06. 8 cycles of clomid. BFP on cycle 5 (Dec 07) ended in m/c at 9.5 weeks. Second BFP on cycle 8 (May 08)



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Tuesday, October 5th 2010, 11:05am


Welcome to FZ!!

The links that Eeyore has given you are fab! The clomid chicks are a great bunch of girlies!

I'm not a clomid success story but I do have PCO and I now have a baby after having ovarian drilling. There is so much they can do now to help ovulation so do not give up hope!

And Bubble is right, chocolate does help!!

Our miracle was born on 25.02.2010!!

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Monday, November 29th 2010, 10:36am

Hi i have just been referred for ICSI

Im 24 and been TTC for approx 3 years.

I was given metformin and it did nothing for me didnt even help me lose weight. As i have PCOS and husband had low count we have been referred for ICSI i have also taken the clomid just to see if this helps with anything. I think PCOS is a very cruel thing to have when planning for a baby my cycles usually swing from 28 days - 74 cannot tell you over the last 3 years how many times i thought i was pregnant even thinking i had symptoms and been let down after doing a test or having AF appear! Its heart breaking no matter how often i try and tell myself im not pregnant then watching that negative appear. Trying to stop myself from doing them now they dont help!!!

So got to go and pick up my clomid prescription, becasue of the length of my cycles i have to take a progesterone pill as well i think then can start taking it is that right also (i know what i just said above) but is it worth doing a pregnancy test before taking the progesterone pill just to be safe?

How are you coping with the metformin?
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