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Wednesday, August 3rd 2011, 8:00pm

Clomid advice? Left in the learch, don't know what to do?

hi ladies, i am hoping someone could shed some light on my situation becuase i just feel like the profeessionals have just left my in the learch, i took 50mg clomid days 2 to 6 my first month but after 2 scans and blood tests this didnt make me ovulate, my second month i have taken 100mg same again days 2 to 6, we have been TTC around day 12 till day 18 but which on the predictor calculator says should have been my fertile time, its made even more difficult becuase my partner works away and luckly that week he was back home, i have had my scans one at the beginning and one on day 19 aswell as a blood test on day 19.

last week i was having lots of abdominal pain when my bladder filled but no other pain, and when i went for my 2nd scan on day 19 the nurse said there was fluid on my ovaries and was unsure if the fluid had made my ovaries grow or the fact that clomid has worked, so i left abit confused wondering if this was the pain i had. I am now on day 26 wondering if this time i may have been sucessfull feeling positive, knowing they had grown and thanks to the kind people on here informed me that you can still ovulate eventhough there was fluid. BUT>>>>>>>> i am STILL waiting for my results from the gyno! a week and a half ago i rang the gyno up for advice on the pain to see if this was normal becuase i was alittle scsared, only to be put through to answer machine telling me that there was no one there till the following monday so i had a further 5 days of agony, then i ring up on monday morning as the answer machines tells me to and there is a cover secretery that took my details and told me the gyno was back in tuesday which was yesterday, so.... i rang up yesterday to be told he hasnt arrived at his office so again, i rang up again today becuase now i am bleeding!...because i have no idea if i have ovulated i am unsure what the blood is, whether it is a period or something wrong, the clomid cycle i am on means i am due to take my tablets again tomorrow days 2 to 6, i could scream because i feel like i have had no support throughout and dont know whether to take the tablets again tomorrow following the actions he told me to at the start.

sorry to go on but i have no one else to ask , i went to my doctors to see if they could tell me my results of the bloods but they have sent them straight to the gyno so even the doc cant tell me if i have ovulated, the blood would be explained if i only knew if i have ovulated, therefore i just havent been successfull this month and could continue my next cycle.

would you ladies continue to take the clomid tomorrow? and can you still have a period and not ovulate...silly question i know but i dont know who else to ring to answer my questions. :bawl:

thanks girls.



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Wednesday, August 3rd 2011, 9:14pm

I'm so sorry you've been treated like this. But yes, you can have periods and not ovulate. I did on clomid. It actually gave me something that resembled a cycle despite not actually ovulating.

I would keep calling and if your doc ist there tell them you need to speak to another one.

Before you take clomid I was always advised to take a pg test just in case.

With regards to the pai you need to be checked out.

Tell the secretary how much pain you are in and you need advice.

Sorry I can't help anymore.

Keep us informed though honey.

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