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Monday, June 20th 2011, 12:58pm

Ding Ding...Round 2!

Hello Fertility Zone...

...It's been a very long time!

My DH and I conceived our DD in February/March 2009 during our first round of IVF (whoop whoop!) and she is now a very healthy, funny, full of life 19 month old toddler. Love her to bits.

We are now considering whether to have another go. We had a double embryo transfer in the first go but the other embryo didn't take and it raised the questions of how and when we should have another baby. A question that has grown and grown over the past year. We've been contraception free for 5 years now and the only time I have ever been pregnant is with our daughter (despite having a rather colourful past :snigger: ) and we've been advised by the clinic to get started on baby 2 as soon as possible because I am now 40.

So, are there any other FZers out there who have had one successful round of IVF and then gone on to have another? What was it like second time round? Is there anyone out there over 40 who has conceived naturally after IVF? If so how long did it take?

Bless you all in your attempts to have a baby. Keep going.

Phoebs. xx
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Monday, June 20th 2011, 9:02pm

Hi hun, thats fantastic news, i hope my round of ICSI goes well, just like yours.

All the ladies say it is easier the second time round, so fingers crossed for that,
While it is your decision, from reading a little about your story i would say go for the tx.

Good luck and wishes
1st ICSI - July 2011 :BFN: :tear:

Praying for our dream to come true :angel2:

linzi1 :xxx3:



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Tuesday, June 21st 2011, 1:11pm

Hi Phoebe

Like you we were succesfull with our first IVF and now our son is 9 months - we were talking about maybe doing IVF again next year - or the year after (as our frozen egg storage runs out the end of this year). We have since found out we are expecting naturally - I only had one AF after DS was born and then conceived - (big wonderful shock) we were not using contraception as we didn't think we could conceive naturally. It is a little different as I am not over 40, but it can happen.

If you feel you'd like another child - give it a go!

Hope all goes well *hugs*
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Tuesday, June 21st 2011, 9:15pm

Just wanted to wish you lots of luck on this next stage of your TTC journey!


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Friday, July 29th 2011, 6:40pm

Hi Pheobe, :)
I remember you from last time, I think we got pregnant at the same time :)

I'm about to start my 3rd round (2nd one worked) of ICSI as soon as AF arrives, which should be in the next 2 days :8o: picked up all my meds today.
if all goes well I'll have EC and ET in about 2 weeks.

It's not as scary as last time and I'm kind of worried I'm being a bit too lax about it all. I feel so blessed to have our DD - anything more would be an amazing bonus.
I'm 41 now so kind of feel like this is my last shot.

let us know how you get on! I'm not sure where I should be posting really...

take care and good luck everyone blowkiss
me 42, DH 35
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ICSI 3 2011 :(
ICSI 4 2012 ??? hopefully!

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