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Thursday, July 14th 2011, 12:19pm

what will the clinic do ?

Hi there ,
This is mainly for paul , but if any1 has anyinsight then please feel free to write :)
My hubby has poor morphtology , 91 % . I apparntly am fine and this is our only problem , I am 24 next week and hubby is 30
. I really want to no what the clinic will want to do when we get there as we have had all the tests done needed ?what are they going to advise ? I think it will be icsi
Paul I no u have worked as a fertility specialist for male problems so I think u might have a good insight into this also with our age and problem what as a doctor do u think the chances of live birth are ? I see dr matthews on the 30th jus want to be prepared any advice will be much appreciated !

Zoe xxxx.
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Thursday, July 14th 2011, 6:18pm

Hi herts2011,
as you said yourself they will probably recommend ICSI or possibly IUI. Check these: INFO: A ROUGH GUIDE TO IUI, INFO: A ROUGH GUIDE TO IVF/ICSI
They may also give your husbands some vitamins and mineral supplements in the meantime.

I have several friends whose husbands have serious sperm problems and they have all conceived after ICSIs, one has twins. You only need 1 good sperm!
Good luck!

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Thursday, July 14th 2011, 11:05pm

My hubby has poor morphtology , 91 % . I apparntly am fine and this is our only problem ,
. I really want to no what the clinic will want to do when we get there as we have had all the tests done needed ?what are they going to advise ? I think it will be icsi
what as a doctor do u think the chances of live birth are

Hi to you both,

By 91% morphology I assume that you mean that he has 91% abnormal sperm and only 9% normal sperm in his semen specimens. There are two main approaches to measuring sperm morphology and the most accurate and predictive of these, the Kruger Strict method, says that having around 7-15% normal sperm is within the normal range, so if this is the one that has been used for your husband then his morphology is actually within the normal range. However the other values are also important including sperm concentration, motility and function. So from this one result therewould seem to be no reason to be doing ICSI, which is not that successful a techniques, with only around 10-20% of cycles started leading to a pregnancy. It is also a very stressful treatment and there are risks involved to both mother and baby in undergoing IVF/ICSI.

Even if he really does have a less than ideal sperm picture, this is very common and even 10-20% of fertile men do not have perfect semen pictures. Ultimately the only proof of the fertility of a man's sperm is that of his achieving a pregnancy, and where he is known to be fertile, the only true measure of how fertile he is, is how long it has taken him to achieve these pregnancies when ttc with a averagely fertile woman. This may seem obvious, but this simple truth is often forgotten in the desire to get or provide answers, and direction in infertility. In order therefore to give an accurate answer to your question about whether you could achieve a pregnancy and a baby there is much more information that I would need to have. This would include all of his various results, and all of your results, his history, your history and your history as a couple. This means whether you or he has ever had a pregnancy, either naturally or with help, in your present relationship, or in any previous ones; whether you have ever had a suspected pregnancy that did not last, indicated perhaps by an odd cycle or period, whether or not you ever had a postivie pregnancy test; whether either of you have had trouble in conceiving and possibly had investigations for this, in earlier relationships, or had simply "taken chances" for a long time and never had a pregnancy; for how long have you and he been trying together ttc, or plus any time spent simply taking chances, and not got pregnant, clearly the longer that you have been trying ttc then the more likely it is that these sperm (or yourself) have major problems with their fertility that you are going to need to help to conceive (bearing in mind that 1 in 10 of all pregnancies to fertile couples takes more than 18 months); what your present age is, as this is always a factor in fertility; and finally whether you have any identified problems (especially irregular or poor ovulation) that might be reducing your fertility and for which ICSI might be beneficial.

Only somebody who knows all of this information can really say whether you are likely to achieve a pregnancy naturally, or with some gentle help like Clomid, or with IUI, IVF or whether you really need to undergo ICSI. So on the day of your interview with the consultant you should listen carefully to what they are saying about your and his results, and try to get these in writing, or at least sent to your GP where you can get them in turn. Listen to what they are saying about their personal success rate for IVF and ICSI, and the waiting times and other criteria for going into the system. Ask if there are any more tests you could have done and any other treatment approaches you could try first before going on to a long waiting list for ICSI.

In the meantime you should continue to try naturally making love every 2-3 days (2-3 times per week) in order to keep his sperm at their best number and quality, and in order to make the best chance of finding an egg with these sperm. Don't give up on natural trying and just sit back counting on ICSI to get you pregnant.

Good luck to you both, and keep in touch.

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  • "herts2011" started this thread

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Monday, July 18th 2011, 9:49am

hi again paul ,

yes that is correct 9 % normal sperm ,he is 30 i am 24 been ttc for 4 years unprocted 5 years we have been told by our dctor that it will be ivf we need .
his sperm results motility ect all got worse on his 2nd analasis .he has been on vitimins for 2 1\2 years and the ananlsis got worse .
we have never seperately or together fell pregnant ,we had a couple of months of me getting a vfaint positive then haveing a period but thats it .alllll my tests were normal ,hsg ,ultrasounds ,bloods .
we 'took chances 'for a year before we actively started trying .i have had regular periods for years and always do a ovulation test and positive each monthand reserched my most fertile days to have sex ,only time i stopped is when on clomid .
we have sex and have done 2-3 days for 4 years and our clinic has no waiting list at the moment thats why i wanted to no what you thourght they might say as its all going to happen very quickly .
of corse i would rather fall naturally and would never give up ,but kinda looseing hope after 4-5 years .

thanks maria ;) nice to hear positive things about whats to come xxxx
ttc 5 years
aug ivf :BFN:
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