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Thursday, March 12th 2009, 5:55pm

CRM, London


Hello everyone just wondered if there were any ladys out there having there treatment at crm london. would be lovely to hear from you.

x Nicole x

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Wednesday, April 1st 2009, 10:21pm

CRM London

I am accepted as a donor in CRM London. Feel free to read my thread. Good Luck

egg sharing -- CRM London

Mrs F


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Wednesday, June 24th 2009, 8:39pm

So glad i have found this forum! My husband and i are just looking into starting treatment with CRM and really want to get some info from others that have used them or are currently having treatment. We will be joining the egg sharing programme. I dont have any fertility problems but my husband had a vasecomty over 15 years ago in his previous marriage. We really want to have a child together and ICIS with IVF really seems out best option. I dont want it to sound shallow but i had never thought about becoming an egg donor before however it makes our treatment really affordable while also helping someone else to have a child. I dont think i have any issues with someone else getting pregnant with my eggs however you never know how you will feel a few years down the line. All i can think is if i found out i was concieved through a donor egg i would just be so greatful that someone helped my parents to have me!

We think we are going to call to make an appointment for our initial consultation this week! We are so excited! :snigger:
Mrs F xx



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Sunday, September 13th 2009, 10:15am

Initial Consultation at CRM went well

Hi All
After many weeks of too'ing and fro'ing, I finally decided on the clinic I want to move to for my 2nd ICSI attempt and... although I was unable to find many posts on this site or anyone else having treatment at CRM I decided to go with my gut instinct and go there and im very glad I did!

The place is very calming and Dr. Peter is very thorough and already I feel like I am in better hands than my previous clinic. Fingers crossed I should be able to start next cycle and this time I will be on a short protocol, so all I can do now is look forward to getting started again!!!!!


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Friday, October 23rd 2009, 3:42pm

Egg share CRM london

Hi everyone having treatment at CRM...
Im joining the egg sharing program as a donor, i need IVF as i have 2 blocked tubes DF has no problems.
I went to my first initial appt at CRM london last monday, i am so happy i choose them, they made me feel so comfitable that i left there feeling very positive.
They took my blood and now just waiting for the results beofre the accept me, they said around 3 weeks, im just counting down the days now.

If anybody starting or already started the egg share program at CRM would like to share there journey with me then let me know as i would also appriciate having someone sharing the same experiance to chat to.

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