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Friday, March 4th 2011, 8:56am

Short Flare Protocol??? PLEASE HELP ME

Good Morning Ladies I hope you can help me..

We had a cancelled ICSI cycle in January Long Protocol due to only 5 follies and 4 of which were to small for EC :sadface: . I've had my FSH done and it's always around the 7.6 mar and my AMH was 6.45pmol/l So not only am I classed as a poor responder but now low ovarian reserve!! (oh what joy).

Can anyone tell me the conversion for my AMH results as I know there's a website that shows the levels but they use nl no pmol!!

It has been agreed between ourselves and the Consultant (we're having to pay due to PCT guidlelines) that I shall re-start on the Short Flare Protocol as my past cycle was a failure and the AMH is so low.

My question (please hlep) is I know the flare is a short protocol and I'm told it uses Buserelin on day 2 of your natural cycle and on day 3 or 4 you start menopur (i'm sure that's what she said) but i've looked on the internet and so many people talk about using Cetrotide and even taking the pill for a month prior so what protocol is that called??

I'm 36 DP 42.. Me everything wrong with me , twisted tubes, once tube blockoed off, PCOS and DP very low sperm count!! ;(

Please help me to understand... I know I should have faith in the hospital but as it is also an NHS hospital I just feel like one of many with no personal guidance, when I call to ask questions the reception staff make me feel like i'm being a pain therefore me asking you lovely ladies for some help! X(

Has anyone had a sucessful result with all my implications?? Is Flare/Short protocol the best for me?? I'm so scared of another failed cycle and the purse strings are tight as now my drugs bill is £1,100.00 alone!

Thank you so much



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Friday, March 4th 2011, 9:46am

hi there

I have had 3 protocols.

First was long protocol. I down-regged on bureselin starting CD21 and then bled, then started to stimm after that.

Second, third was was antagonist/flare protocol. I bled then started bureselin on day 2 and then puregon/pergoveris on day 4.

I then had a natural FET.

Third protocol on cycle 4 - short protocol not sure what its called where I was on cyclo-progynova for a month (ovulation priming) then bled, then bureselin say 2 and menopur day 4.

Cetrocide is just another drug to stop you ovulating. As explained the pill month before is ovulation priming and not all clinics do it. I am not sure what the protocol is called.
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Friday, March 4th 2011, 10:09am

Thank you Brave Girl

May I say congrats and baby.. how wonderful for you x

Yeah I was a bit confused that i'd not been told to take the pill! I've just been really worried that some women say short protocol is better than Flare but I really can't see much of a difference.


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Friday, March 4th 2011, 10:10am

Sorry just realised the pill bit again! ha ha ha

but my friends on short protocol and she's not taking the pill!! How very strange x :faint: :faint:



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Monday, March 7th 2011, 3:29pm

Hi hun
As I mentioned in your other thread

The flare protocol makes use of your own natural surge in LH and then boosts it some more with the buserilin. The buserilin then also acts as an ovulation inhibitor. The idea being you recruit more follicles to start with.

The short protocol just piggy backs your own natural hormones, with menopur priming all availale follciles with the same amount of stimms - hoping they will all grown at the same time. The cetrotide stops you ovulating but allows the eggs inside to mature.

I used cycloprogynova to prime my ovaries - some consultants use the pill. Same sort of effect they increase the amount of circulating oestradol which your follicles soak up - makes them behave more like 20 yr old follicles again! Well that's the theory :smile:

Your friend on the short protocol might not have a lower AMH? Or her bloods may have shown a lower FSH / LH, or if she's with another consultant, it could be as simple as his preference...


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