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Wednesday, October 20th 2010, 12:17am

Can anyone shine a light at the end of the tunnel??

Hi All!

Been hanging around quite a while but not so good on the posting! Just wondering if anybody can give me even the slightest ray of hope..........I'm soooo down at the minute but have to drag myself out of bed every morning, go to work and put on a happy face(I'm sure there's plenty on here doing that).

I've been hanging around waiting to get started with menopur injections since June(got all the equipment) but things just keep going backwards, I had no idea until May that I had PCOS but was prodded quite a bit as a teenager so that was Bummer number one - and bummer no.2 is that I've had 16 days where I haven't bled since then - I'm sick to the back teeth looking at blood! :yell: Then Dr's Holidays holds things another month and then just when I think something might turn around my consultant decides he wants to do a hysteroscopy. So more waiting!

Anyhow - rant over - I was wondering if anybody on here has had as much bleeding as this and has had a positive outcome?




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Wednesday, October 20th 2010, 11:43am

Hi Tori

I don't have experience of bleeding like this (my problem has always been the opposite and I only bleed naturally every 9 months) but I just wanted to send you a big hug and to say I hope everything works out in time.



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