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Friday, June 25th 2010, 12:19pm

undescended testicle - can mine be fixed ??

hello guys,

me again, :)

Basically, I have a right normal testicle but and an undescended left one.

My left one is stuck in the bottom of the inguinal canal (closer to the sack)

as many of you guys know I have been diagnosed with azoopermia and don't make any sperms

My FSH is gradually climbing, which indicates testicular failure,
My current level is 14.9

Question I have if i had corrective surgery and had the undecended testicle placed in the sack would it prevent my fsh climbing any more?



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Thursday, July 1st 2010, 12:22am


Sadly it is probably unlikely to change your situation but you do need some proper advice from a good urologist. The problem is that the continuing temperature induced damage to the left testicle has probably created sperm antibodies that have stopped sperm production in the right (normally sited) testicle, which is why you are azoospermic despite having an apparently normal right testicle. This is known as sympathetic orchiopathy. Retractile testicles that move in and out of the inguinal ring can survive the occasional overheating enough to continue producing some sperm at least - and I speak from personal experience. I had bi-lateral retractile testes throughout my teens and twenties but did manage to produce a low sperm count which wasfortunately allowed me to produce two children. but if the testicle spends too much time at the higher (abdominal) temperature, then sperm production is destroyed.

I suspect therefore that the damage has been done and that this non-descended testicle will continue to provoke the increase in your FSH irrespective as to where it is. It is also debateable whether it should be removed rather than be re-sited. You need to get some decent advice about this from a good urologist, andrologist or endocrinologist..

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