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Tuesday, May 25th 2010, 8:17pm

Progress after vasectomy reversal. Question to Paul

Hello Paul!

I have a story similar to thousands you have already heard. But as you can imagine it is the matter of "life and death" for us.

My DP had a vasectomy reversal after 10 years in June 2009. The recconection was successful and both tubes were restored. The first SA was done 6 weeks after the reversal. We posted the sample to the clinic where we had reversal and it "sat" there for a couple of days. So naturally the only thing they could tell us was the count. It was 2 mil at that point.

Next test was done at one of the IVF clinics in September 2009.
Count: 1 mil
Motile count: 0.50
Total motility: 50
Slow progression 50
Progression Rating 1-2/4
(no other parameters like morphology, antibodies, etc were tested)

Next test was at a different IVF clinic in October 2009

Count: 6 mil
Motile Count: 3%
Progression: 2
Abnormals: 98%

Then we had a test on NHS in December 2009. Unfortunately, I can't find the result and all I remember is count - 30 mil and that there was no sperm clumping.

Another test in a different fertility clinic in February 2010:

Count: 28 mil
Motile: 4%
Progression: 0-1
Morphology is not mentioned

Last test on NHS in March 2010

Count: 50 mil
Motility: 5%
Progression: 90%-1; 10%-2
Normal form: <5%
Sperm clumping:
Not seen

I am 26 and according to the hormone tests and scans I seem to be healthy. We have accepted the fact that we will have to go down the ICSI route, however, before we step on that road I would want to have an impartial opinion. The thing is, when we talk to the doctor who performed reversal, he says that he thinks we can conceive naturally. But when we go to a fertility clinic (and we have been to 3 different ones already), they all say that we have no chance (if it happens it will be a miracle) and there is no way sperm will improve.

So to sum up, I have two questions:

Is there any point for us to wait and TTC? Is it possible to conceive naturally with such sperm quality?
And secodnly, none of the tests show anything about anti-bodies, even though we specifically asked them to test for them. However, as far as I understand, anti-bodies can be ther reason for low motility. Where can we have the anti-bodes test done

Thank you in advance



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Friday, June 25th 2010, 12:22pm

I am not Paul ;)

But if you have a read of the male factor and you will come across several posts to do with supplement tablets, It could be worth investing in some?