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Saturday, June 12th 2010, 6:30pm

barcelona for egg recieving in july anybody?

Hello girls! I am 38 yrs old, i have done 2 ivfs which failed . We are on the que for a donor egg. I am looking för people in the same situation so that we can share experience and talk.
Does anybody know what they check for the donor, can they give me any woman's egg, black, white Asian etc?
How does it really go my clinic open . They only called and told us that they had found our match then told us to pay before they can start talking with us. we did pay the whole amount. Now they are waiting waiting to hear whats next, Does anybody have an idea whats next for us? Confused and longing

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Saturday, June 12th 2010, 8:01pm

:hello: Amanda

Welcome to FZ!

I've had egg donor treatment at Institut Marques in Barcelona, and am currently 19 weeks pregnant.

Your donor will be matched to you as near as possible, eye colour, hair colour, skin colour etc. They will also have been screened for common genetic diseases and will have had a full health check carried out. It is normal, in my experience, for the clinic to want you to pay before they treat you, I know we had to pay up front.

I don't know how your particular clinic works but my protocol was as follows:

I started on the oral contraceptive to align my cycle with that of the donor's, the clinic advised me when to stop taking it and I had a period.
I then started on oestrogen patches on day one to help stimulate my womb lining and had an ultrasound around day seven of my cycle to check for the thickness of the lining.
The day before embryo transfer I also started on progesterone pessaries and had to continue on both patches and pessaries until the 70th day of my pregnancy.

As far as I understand a lot of the clinics in Spain operate in a very similar way, although your treatment may vary from what I've described above.

:goodluck: to you and if I can help any further just let me know and I'll do my best to answer your questions.

Love Gracie


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Sunday, June 13th 2010, 7:56am


Hi Amanda38,

Gracie is absolutely right. Any good clinic will try and get as close a match to the recipients as humanly possible. clinics I work with like to have a photo of you, as this makes the matching process easier. The only circumstance is if you intend to tell the child their origins, in which case blood group might not be an issue.

I am not sure why they have asked for money up front before talking to you. Standard practice for most clinics abroad is that you pay when your donor starts her meds, but they do vary from clinic to clinic with their own protocols.

Good luck.

For any help and advice on treatment abroad please see my website:

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  • "amanda38" started this thread

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Sunday, June 13th 2010, 9:24pm

Hello girls thank you for all the information you provided, and Gracie congratulations to the successful story. Ruthiebabe what is now frustrating me is the laking of the information. So far we have told the clinic when we have holidays so that i can start treatment, we need to book earlier so that it becomes cheaper , but it is going slow.

Ruthie babe i don't know either why they want payment first maybe they do not trust us? We are their patient since last year and we always pay first. Acooding to Gracie me and my donor we should start the medication together.
Well i have no idear what is going on. I will be in touch.