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Sunday, June 6th 2010, 9:07pm

Chicago test results Has anyone had Intralipid for low LAD???

Hi, we just got our Chicago test results back from Dr Gorgy and I have tried to summerise it as below;

- I have a slightly raised NK killing power (16.4% when it should be under 15%) but IgG conc 12.5 50:1 was 4.0 % which means ading IVIg brought the NK killing power well in the test tube. Also adding Intralipids brought it down to 12.9% so it looks like it is responding to Intralipid also.

-LAD; B-cells Ig+ was19.1 % On the low side as you want it to be over 30%.

-TH1:TH2 intracellular cytokine ratios were within normal.

-DQ alpha had no match!

- MTHFR gene mutation Positive (Heterozygous) for the MTHFR c677T mutation

So all in all, while we do have some immune issues, the results do not seem too bad? Dr G recommended LIT for us, presumably becasue of my low LAD, but we are not sure about LIT. Has anyone had Intralipid for low LAD? I know Dr N from CARE doesn't test his patients for LAD unless they specifically ask for it and I have heard that he is more keen on Intralipids? I can't see many posts re LIT here but has anyone had any experience with LIT? If so what was your chicago test results like when it was recommended?

We are thinking of cycling in July with more ''low key" immune tx ie. clexane, pred, asprin and also possibly Intralipid if Dr G agrees to it. He has just started LIT in his clinic but there is a 6 - 7 weeks waiting list at the moment.

Any advice and info appreciated.


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Sunday, June 6th 2010, 10:34pm

Take a look at this link and read the success storys from ladies who have lad and what treatements they used and prefared :)

The posts are from a member called lou - they are posts she found from other sites :) Good luck.

Immune Success Stories anyone???

One story is the following -

"Hi there,

I don't know if anyone here remembers me or my story. I had 5 mc's over the course of 10 years including a late 26 week loss and was told by the Alan Beer Center that I had PAI - 1 Homozygozity, MTHFR Mutation, Positive LAD, Extrememly High NK count, Positive APA and low thyroid. I was also told by another doctor that I had several "hidden infections" that would not allow me to carry to term unless I treated them with heavy antibiotics for at least one year. I also had a uterine septum that had to be surgically removed. Things felt so hopeless. I was devastated by the news of the problems with my body but also somehow happy that perhaps this thing can be treated. The ABC had such hope for me.

ABC told me I needed LIT (which I did 2x in a previous failed pregnancy)Lovenox 2x daily, IViG every few weeks, steroids, aspirin, Synthroid -- I did all that in a previous failed pg.

I got pregnant again and decided to only do the Lovenox 1x a day plus baby aspirin and the synthroid. I am now holding my newborn baby boy (Max Alexander). He was born on May 1st at 10:05 am. He is very healthy and was 10lbs at birth. A very big boy indeed.

I am telling you this because I had no hope after my last failed pg on the full arsenal of treatment but somehow found it in me to try again this time trusting my instincts regarding the meds that my body needed. All I ever thought about were my losses. I am hoping that my story will inspire one of you to persevere even when you feel that you have reached your darkest point. Trust your body and trust yourself. You are all in my thoughts every day and I wish the most happiness for everyone here going through losses."

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