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Thursday, May 20th 2010, 11:50am

To remove or not to remove....

That is the question!

Hi Ladies, need a bit of advice.

I have had 2 failed cycles, no implantation at all.

Have had NK cells test and all normal. Had a hysteroscopy and all normal. My tubes are blocked and the consultant has mentioned this may be the problem as sometimes fluid builds up in them and flushes back in to the womb making a not so hospitable environment! I would like one more try at ICSI, should I get the tubes removed? My consultant also said that next time they would recommend I take the steroids to as just because I dont have NK Cells there are other things that could possibly be the reason.

Is there anyone out there with a similar story, who had the tubes removed and has had a successful cycle?

Need some hope please xxx

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Thursday, May 20th 2010, 12:18pm

hi hon

It might be worth having the laprospcopy to check. I had my second lap in Jan 2010 to have my tubes removed and they saw no fluid at all! They in fact cleared one tube and found endometriosis. So i did not have them removed in the end.

If you doctor does not need to remove them, then they wont but its worth getting checked out.

As for the NK cells, you say they are not high but what tests did you have? There are other immune issues that may be worth checking out before rushing into the next cycle. I wish I had after 2 goes.

Have a look at the immunology section.
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Thursday, May 20th 2010, 1:43pm

Hi Melanie...

I'm so sorry to hear that your two previous cycles wasn't successful. But I wish youall the very best of luck this time round.!

I had a failed IVF previously and was told that my tubes may have fluid in them.....I currently doing IVF atm and was adivsed to have my tubes cliped before IVF started to give me the best chance. I had the Laparoscopy in November but no fluid was found in my tubes, so they did not clip them in the end.

I personally wouldn't want to remove my tubes, although they are no use to me any way, as they are that damaged and blocked. I doubt if I'll ever fall pregnant naturally. But I am still hopinf for a miracle to happen some where down the line, where I could fall pregnant naturally.

I would have my tubes clipped If it was necessary in order to help me fall pregnant via IVF. Clipping is different from actually removing them, as you can always have a reversal if you should need it.

You can do the laparoscopy to check if their is fluid in your tubes, and if there is perhaps you could just have them clipped. But you have to do what is right for you.

I hope this helps.



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Thursday, May 20th 2010, 2:23pm

Hi Melanie

I had blocked tubes which my doc said were best to remove as the toxic fluids can run into the womb potentially harming any embryo.

I had the tubes removed last year (Keyhole surgery not really painful at all) and I had my first go at IVF in September last year - delayed it due to a couple of holidays. I got pregnant but unfortunately it ended in a chemical pregnancy. Had second go January this year and as you can see from my ticker I am currently nearly 16 weeks pregnant with twinnies!!! I was also given steroids this time round which I took until I was 12 weeks pregnant. I asked why they had prescribed them and they said they just try it to improve the chances.

I really hope whatever decision you make is the right one and wish you loads of luck for a successful cycle :hugs:

Let me know if you need to know anything else, I am no expert but will try my best xxx
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Thursday, May 20th 2010, 3:29pm


I personally know a lass who had 2 goes at IVF with her tubes. First time they were unclipped, second time clipped and then this time she's had them removed and she's pg!! Second time she did get pg but sadly m/c'd.

If it was me I think that if my tubes weren't working properly I'd have them removed. I actually asked my cons to remove my bad ovary but he wouldn't. But that is just me!

Good luck with whatever you decide to do chick! Its your body and you need to think about how you'd feel.

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