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Friday, April 30th 2010, 3:52pm

Myomectomy date approaching?


Is there anyone who has recently had a myomectomy (removal of Fibroids) or are waiting to have surgeyr that would like to share my journey?

I am due to have surgey on the 13 May, I am V scared, not so much of the surgey but of the post op recovery. Also just scared of the prospect of having my womb cut open. I have two 'briods one about 5cm near the front and a large grapefruit size (they are always described as fruits?) one at the back on the womb, the scan showed that they are squasing my womb. They may have been responsible for my M/C and may be affecting implantation so I think I have may the right decision to have them out.

I'm going to do a pre-op count down on here, today is day 13......(wish I had started on a more lucky number..)

Todays feelings:

today I feel resentful that I have to be having surgery when I should have been giving birth (i would have been due on the 11 May had I not M/C), but I also see this as the next step in my journey.

Love and prayers to you all

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Saturday, May 1st 2010, 10:07pm

Hi hun

I can't help you from personal experience but I've found some threads which you may find helpful.

Hysteroscopy & fibroid removal

Fibroid info??? anyone know anything

Best of luck with your op.


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