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Thursday, September 24th 2009, 1:32pm

Prematurely ageing ovaries - happy story

Hello to anyone reading this -

I just wanted to tell you my very happy ending to a very long story of infertility. I was told many moons ago (10 years) that my hormone levels were off-kilter and it would be very hard for me to conceive. As I was in the process of splitting with my partner, and still in my twenties, this was something I thought would just 'clear up'. Anyway, I met my DH in my mid thirties and we knew we'd really like a family - cut to last year after a long time of trying, and I was diagnosed with prematurely ageing ovaries and told to go straight to IVF.

We had 3 attempts at IVF earlier this year - short protocol, highest dosage of Gonal F they could give me - and no response at all from my ovaries to any attempt. My FSH wasn't especially high - between 10 and 21 (lower end came once I stopped the evil weed) but the consultant decided there was no point trying me on anything else and I was told I would never have my own family, and the discussion became mainly about donor eggs.

Throughout the IVF (and thanks to one of the lovely nurses recommending it - the docs hate the mere mention of the a-word ...) I began going to acupuncture. Specifically Chinese 5 Element acupuncture. Its a bit painful here and there but I began to feel better in myself almost immediately and even after the consultant had said we had no more options other than donor I continued to go, really believing something was happening to my ovarian/womb area.

I then joined a donor egg waiting list, and they asked me to go in for a day 14 scan to make sure my lining was ok - and while I was in there they found one very large folly about to drop, and two smaller follies on the other side - without any drugs I had actually created my own egg. I was told to go home and do the business and perhaps I wouldn't need their services ...

Well it only bloody worked. I'm now nearly 9 weeks pregnant. Still early days but its the miracle that that consultant said would never happen (he also said that if I did get pregnant it wouldn't work because the egg would be such bad quality - well I've just had 8 week scan because I was so bloody scared because of this comment and everything seems ok to date!).

I know this may just seem like someone else's story but I wanted to share the fact that the doctors aren't always right, that acupuncture can help, and the main thing - I started thinking of myself as a mother from the second I saw the donor egg place and they were positive about me conceiving with donor eggs (ladies, you know what its like to have so many no's - I'd never walked out of a doctors surgery having been told that yes, I would be a mother this time next year). Maybe its all this positivity, maybe its the needles or maybe just a goddam miracle from whoever's looking down on us - who knows, I managed to get a good result. It can happen. I know I used to get so down as the FSH issue is so ridiculously hard to resolve, but positivity made me feel so much better and I really think it helped me get to this stage.

I wish you all the greatest love and luck in the world with your search for your baby, however it comes to you.
S. xx

- can i just say I've nothing against the donor eggs - we'd have been happy to have our child whichever way it came to us. This is just a slightly cheaper one for sure! x
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Thursday, September 24th 2009, 1:37pm

What a fantastic story. Good luck and hope your pregnancy goes well x

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Thursday, September 24th 2009, 1:56pm

Oh wow that's fantastic!! :D Congratulations on your pregnancy!! :D

We have first trimester chat thread HERE, general pregnancy chat section is HERE and if you already have a fertility diary we can either change the title to a 'pregnancy diary' or you can start a new one HERE.

There is a FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section HERE where you will find a wide range of frequently asked questions.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 7 months or so!!


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Thursday, September 24th 2009, 3:20pm


Congratulations - what a great story, so hope it goes well for you and your DH. xxx
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Thursday, September 24th 2009, 3:23pm

What a lovely story, wishing you all the very best and Congratulations !

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Thursday, September 24th 2009, 3:31pm

Congratulations, this encourages me to find an Acupunturist more promptly now.
Especially as I had acupuncture recently for a shoulder injury, and now my shoulders fine, so I do have faith it does something :happy:
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Thursday, September 24th 2009, 3:46pm

Congratulations :D



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Friday, September 25th 2009, 6:38am

Hi Ladysadie,

Wow, that's fantastic! CONGRATULATIONS! To find out you were pg naturally after all of that is amazing.

What fab news and so encouraging for those of us with POF.

Great to hear that the acupuncture was so helpful in yr case. And you touched on the issue of accepting the idea of a donor egg to create your family, and whether that changed things as well.

I am prob only in the early days of all this - I was diagnosed with "diminished ovarian reserve" (low AMH) But after TTC only 8m, we have had a chem pg last cycle and will be ttc naturally a while yet. Stories like yours help me carry on with this journey.

Thanks again.

Me 37, DH 45
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Friday, September 25th 2009, 7:55am

thats fantastic news, My story is pretty much the same as yours apart form i had 8 IVF's then fell pregnant naturally, all after acupuncture :happy:
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Friday, September 25th 2009, 10:46am

Its those needles! Brilliant stuff, I am aware its not the same for everyone but I always wanted to hear positive stories so hopefully we can all be one! x
First IVF March/April 09 - abandoned due to no response.
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Friday, September 25th 2009, 1:16pm

I am 100% sure for me it was the acupuncture, i changed nothing else xx
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Friday, September 25th 2009, 2:37pm

Hi ladysadie, congratulations!!!!! Dont know if you remember me, we were cycle buddies backin April, as you can see from my ticker I had a poor response for the second time. I didn't realise that you had two more cycles, but this is just fab news!!! Will have to find an accupuncturist near me and get going, we are having a last ditch attempt in November.

Good luck with your pregnancy hun, you will have to start a pregnancy diary soon!!!


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Monday, September 28th 2009, 2:47pm

Mrs I - of course I remember, good luck with the next one, all fingers and toes crossed for you. And its not the end of the line by any means - get those needles going in you! xx
First IVF March/April 09 - abandoned due to no response.
Second IVF May 09 - abandoned due to no response.
Third IVF June/July 09 - abandoned, no response.

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Monday, September 28th 2009, 5:17pm

That's lovely, congratulations!



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Monday, September 28th 2009, 7:18pm

That was so lovely to read! I know my problem is different to yours but it made me feel so much more positive.

Well done and loads of best wishes for you, your DH and your little one!


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Sunday, October 18th 2009, 7:09pm

What a great story - congratulations and wishing you a healthy pregnancy. xxx



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Sunday, November 22nd 2009, 10:23pm

I've just read your post - amazing news! Hope all is still progressing well for you! :D


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Friday, April 9th 2010, 11:31am

I have just read your post and immediately started looking for an Acupuncturist in my area! Great story, thanks for sharing!

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Friday, April 9th 2010, 12:22pm

My story is a bit similar - ttc for 5 years, 2 ectopic pregnancies, tried 2 rounds of Iui which failed & then 1 of Ivf when only got 2 eggs but it failed, then had consultation in Dec when Dr told me she didn't think my eggs would ever get me preg as have a low ovarian reserve, and suggested donor eggs but we were allowed 1 more try with my own eggs, had acupuncture, had IVF in Jan, got 4 eggs (double that if 1st cycle) and got a BFP!!!!!! I proved the Dr wrong - she was very nice but it felt good to prove her wrong!!

I'd really recommend acupuncture, that and the Zita West CD were my lifesavers through IVF

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Friday, April 9th 2010, 1:45pm

Similar story to me. Was told at 20 that my hormone levels where 25% of what they should be and I was heading towards an early menopause but had to do Clomid just to see. Didnt work. Was due to start iui, lost 2 stone started acupuncutre (which relaxed me if nothing else) and was waiting for af when I found I was having G.

Great story!! Huge congratulations!! xx

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Friday, April 9th 2010, 9:07pm

Hi ladies.
Im stunned by the stories here and so happy to have found them.
You have all given hope to those like us.

I developed resistant ovaries at 24.I have been told that i am post menopausal and i havent had a natural period for at least 6 years.
I have had two failed IVF cycles using donor eggs.I have just ordered an Ebook an dim hoping this is going to help me concieve naturally.
You can see what this book is about if you research PREGNANCY MIRACLE.Its written by a lady named Lisa that had infertility for 14years and founs ways to rebalance her body to helping her concieve with two children.Amazing i thought so had to give it a go.I havent started reading it yet as i only paid and downloaded last night.

I hope i can also get as lucky as you ladies .xxx
ET 12th of march.2 day embies.1x4cell 1x5cell. :BFN:
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Sunday, April 11th 2010, 7:57pm

Wow. I've concerns over my eggs but have taken hope from your story. I'm already having TCM acuptuncture and am planning my next round of IVF. It's fantastic to hear such good news. Fingers crossed and sticky vibes for you. Thanks for taking the time to post! Sam x

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