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Saturday, February 27th 2010, 3:38pm

Considering an FET

Hi, we have frozen embies and are considering an FET at some point in the next year or so.

However I'm wondering (if finances permit) if we'd be better off trying a fresh cycle first before my eggs get too old and saving the frosties for later? I'm pushing 35 and eggs aren't that great.



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Wednesday, March 3rd 2010, 11:20pm

Hi Tessie, sorry for your post not being answered before now!

To be really honest, I'm not 100% sure of the answer.

If you are happy to do another fresh cycle, and get a BFP, have you thought what you would do with your frosties - would that be a consideration? If it is, then maybe use your frosties first. If not, if it was me (and I didn't get frosties so have never been in this position!), I'd crack on and have a fresh cycle as success rates are higher.

Also, what does your consultant think? I imagine your clinic has seen this situation a lot in the past and would be able to give advice or at least say what the majority of other ladies choose to do.

Wishing you lots of luck on your FET or fresh cycle!


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Thursday, March 4th 2010, 11:39am

Hi Tessie

We were in the same position as you almost two years ago now! I was a little older though, at 40.
We decided, on the advice of our clinic, to press on with fresh cycles while there were still a decent number of eggs to collect. In the end we had 4 fresh cycles, 2 of which gave me BFPs, but both ended in miscarriages :-(

After 4 tx cycles, I decided I wanted to give my body a break from the drugs for a while, so in January we went back to our frosties from our first ever tx in May 2008 and had a Natural FET. It seems to have worked!!

I don't think that there are any right or wrong answers here...A decision can be helped though if you know how your ovarian reserve is looking, or if you feel that you need a break from a medicated regime (even a medicated FET is much less severe than a fresh cycle).

Whatever you decide, Good Luck! I'll be keeping an eye on your progress :smile:
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