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Monday, January 25th 2010, 10:49am

help deciphering SA results

Hi all,

I am sure that I have complained in here before that the urologist who saw my DH never gave any results or information. He told us DH was in the category of 'normal' and told him drinking coffee an hour before sex would help speed up his swimmers.

In fact the last appointment DH had was laughable. I was requested to come along and the urologist spent the time talking to DH about how he had to be supportive because everytime I get AF I 'cry and will get depressed'. Sure I hate it when AF comes but I don't succumb to fits of hysterical tears and depression! He was a strange man.

Anyway my specialist gave us a copy of the NHS referral letter and it had some details. This is what it said "XXX had three SA which have shown potential significant antisperm antibodies. The counts have been at 100 million per ml, 65 million per mil and 85 million per ml, motility at 60%, 40% and 50%, all with moderate progression. MAR positive 30% mainly to mid-piece and tails, 40% to tails and 25% to tail and neck with morphology at 10%, 11% and 10%.

Could someone (Paul?) please help and tell me what these results mean. We have been TTC for five years and all my results have been fine. We are now be defined as 'unexplained infertility'.



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Saturday, January 30th 2010, 6:20pm


If you haven't done so, you might want to ask the Sperm Scientist this question on this thread LIFE IN THE LAB - FOR ALL OF YOUR SPERM QUESTIONS


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