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Friday, January 15th 2010, 7:44am

feeling discouraged and sad

I know that nothing has actually changed from what we already knew, but I am feeling so down today!

My FSH has been up and down - the highest has been 18 last summer, but the last time it was measured - in December - it was 9. Our previous doctor - after a failed IVF - said there was only a tiny chance of getting pregnant with IVF - like 5% - and suggested we give up and go for egg donation. We got our heads round that, chose a program and went to see the doctor (very well-recommended) who runs that program. Dr Positivity - he had such a positive attitude. He has put us on the list but said, why give up on IVF so soon, try a couple of natural cycles while you are waiting (as our health care pays for IVF but not for egg donation).

So we just had a natural cycle - augmented with low levels of shots - I had to start scans and blood tests on day 8. On day 8 there was a 27mm follicle and I took Menopur and orgalutran for 5 days. After 5 days - on CD 13 - my estrogen was dropping so it was probably a cyst, so the doctor took me off the drugs and continued monitoring. Another follicle started to grow, my estrogen started to rise on cd18 and the doctor was still hopeful...but then by day 20 it dropped again...and then on day 21 my AF began. Right from the start of this cycle I had the attitude that this will be a several month process and if it doesn't work this month we will try again next month and hopefully catch my body doing what it is meant to do. Even when AF began I was still feeling OK about it. But after speaking to the doctor, I feel very discouraged.

He asked if I wanted to try again and I said, well, as long as there is a realistic hope I am happy to keep on with these natural /Mild IVf cycles and not to rush to egg donation. He said 'There is a small realistic hope'. I asked what was going on with my body, with all these follicles starting but no estrogen rise, and then getting AF while a follicle is still growing, and he said 'basically, as my egg supply is depleted it is like a flame spluttering before it goes out'. I said, well there is still a chance of catching the flame if it splutters at the right time and he said that was his thinking also...but then he said not to bother going through the process of getting funding approved for another round of IVF now (each time the health fund agree to fund it is time limited to one month) - to just have the tests and ultrasound done, and if we see something that is worth trying to retrieve we can apply for the funding there and then. So that left me thinking that he sees so little hope it isn't even worth applying for the funding...and then I got really discouraged.

The problem is that since he suggested the natural IVF, I got into the idea of using my own eggs again, so now, if we have to go for egg donation, I will have to get my head round it all over again :-(

I still find it hard to believe that at only 40 my eggs are all gone!

And the other thing that is confusing me is that everything I read says that if someone has premature ovarian failure, their FSH will be over 40 - and mine is way below that...

Not sure what to make of all this..



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Friday, January 15th 2010, 10:42am

Hi Coffeebean. Sorry you're having a rough time.

I'm far from an expert on the whole FSH thing but thought I'd share my story with you. My highest FSH was 17.2 (so not too far away from yours!) and we were told by one clinic that we stood no chance with IVF. Found a clinic that was happy to treat us though, was pumped full of drugs, monitored carefully and finally had 2 eggs collected. Both fertilised and 2 embies were put back. One stuck and our lovely Alice arrived 9 months later!

We'd had the discussions about egg donation and were comfortable with the idea but wanted to give my eggs a go first. I'm glad we did!

Maybe talk to your consultant about POF - its more complicated than just a high FSH level I think. And consider counselling re. egg donation?

Wishing you lots of luck on your TTC journey.


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Friday, January 15th 2010, 3:40pm

Hi there,
I have got high FSH and low AMH, do your clinic test for this. they are concerned that my eggs have all gone and I am only 28. I started the IVF journey and have been pumped full of the maximum dose of drugs, had EC today and they got one little fighter of an egg. Now waiting to hear from the clinic if it has fertilised or not.

It only takes one x x x

From Shell x
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  • "Coffeebean" started this thread

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Children: DD & DS, both teens!

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Saturday, January 16th 2010, 4:50pm

Jodie - thanks :-) It is good to hear these stories - keeps my hopes up!

Lolashell - My FSH has been between 9 and 18 over the past year. I went for a private AMH test a couple of days ago but for some reason they said the results take 2 months to come through. No idea why it takes them so long!

I did a lot of research on Friday, studied ovarian scans online, then enlarged and copied one of my ovarian scans to see if I could see antral follicles, and if I am not imagining things, there are about 12 on the left....which is good. I also found a great wikipedia article on Poor Ovarian Reserve and referenced in that was a homeopathic regime, that the homeopath claimed worked in 40 out of 50 women she treated within 2 cycles. If anyone wants to try that, it is here:

I am also on a low carb diet ('Metabolism Miracle Diet') to lose some weight and apparently this can help some fertility issues as well. Plus have started taking the DHEA again - have you tried this? It makes me a bit moody but I guess we will just need to suffer for a few weeks ;-) And I am starting acupuncture as well.
When I did high dose IVF I produced only 4 follicles and no eggs at all were retrieved, and from this past cycle it seems that follicles are trying to grow but there is not enough estrogen in my ovaries to sustain and develop eggs.
We have decided to try all this with the natural IVF for another 2 cycles before going for egg donation. Actually we were just offered a donor who could be ready on March but we will see if we can push that off until April.

So heres hoping, I feel more positive today, maybe not more hopeful exactly but more ready to fight on a bit longer.

Thanks for your support, it helps to share all this :-)




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Saturday, January 16th 2010, 5:53pm

I'm sorry hunni, :hugs: Don't give up
Check this out: