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Tuesday, November 17th 2009, 3:46pm

Northern ireland fertility waiting list/free cycles

Hi everyone, im still at the early stage of the infertility ride. but im thinking of contacting our lovely health minister to enquire why nhs funded lists are so long for everything even diagnosis. i also want to ask him why patients only recieve 1 free nhs go! im hoping that i dont have to go down the ivf/icsi route but it is a possiblity i have to consider adn the idea of just one go make me feel very sad. not even one can afford private( iwould savve my hardest to do this) it just seems unfair to only get 1 go on the nhs. Does anyone have similar views or would i be wasting my time writing as it will prob just go tot he bottom of his inbox to be answered by one of his staff?

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Wednesday, November 18th 2009, 4:54pm

Im not sure, but I think it depends on ur age how many goes u get, I know when me and DH were referred we were told that we would be offered 2 free rounds on the nhs, fortunatley for us we have managed to get pregnant on our own, so Im not sure if this would have been carried through.
I think U are right to proceed with ur letter and highlight ur concerns it would do no harm and u never know what could happen,
It would also be nice to know why egg sharing is not an option in Northern Ireland as i think this would be great for the number of ladies out there in need of donor eggs.
Good luck with ur quest huni and I hope u get answers



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Wednesday, November 18th 2009, 5:06pm

oh i didnt think of egg sharing i think i might just done it anyhow on and nothing lost nothing gained basis. do u mind me asking wot age you are?

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Wednesday, November 18th 2009, 5:10pm

Hey JoJo
My understanding of the funding thing in NI was that in the past the waiting list for IVF etc was up to 4 years!!! Chris mcgimpsey the Health minister has put money in to try bring the waiting list to 1 year, with 1 free go for everyone that needs it, I heard him on the radio a few months ago and he said that he would like to increase it to more than one go but at the minute he didnt have the finances, you should have heard the back lash on radio ulster of people COMPLAINING !!! it was mad....people were on saying that infertility wasnt an illness and that he shouldnt be putting so much money into it!! It was shocking!!

In anycase I still think its a good idea to go ahead with your letter, it wont do any harm, and still keeps this issue on the agenda, unfortunately I think it will prob be one of his civil servants who gets back to you..
Best of luck with it
Take care



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Thursday, December 3rd 2009, 10:53am

Its my understanding that there is only 1 free go here in Northern Ireland - for everyone (encluding couples who already have children) i know that is deff the case cos i have had 1 free go and i already have 2 children from a previous marriage.

Re: Egg donation/sharing ... that is available here but i belive only at Origin (Private clinic) im not sure about the RVH.

As for the long waiting list, i completly understand ur frustration, we had a long wait while getting to the top of the list, but u must understand that there is only 1 NHS hosp in the North who caters for IVF/ICSI etc, i know that IUI can be done in smaller hosps,but not the bigger treatment. If they were to allow them at the smaller hosptials, then it would be so much easier for everyone concerned.

Re: The people complaining about infertility not being an illness, then i cant even comprehend what they are thinking of. But i would be one of those ladies who they would shout at. My infertility is due to being steralized when i was 24, and regretting it ever since, but my husband has no children, why should he suffer. Anyhow im not here to give off about the way society treats infertility, i guess if it was them or their wives/girlfriends/sisters - then they wouldnt be gobbing off about it .... it happens to a LOT of couples and it IS an illness, it is something that is wrong inside ur body that just isnt working properly and u need help to get it working ...

There, ive said my piece, i would love to write to theninister here and give him my piece ofmind, so im all for it hun, u write ur letter - maybe even get a Petition (sp?) going, cos i for one would deff sign it ...


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Thursday, December 3rd 2009, 11:57am

I agree
I think the treatment should be standardised all over the UK.
I'm Scottish but have lived in NI for 6 years now. I qualified for 1 free NHS funded IVF. However in Scotland they offer everyone 3 free funded IVF/ICSI and the waiting list is maximum 18 months. the drawback however is that because I have a child already which I conceived naturally, I don't qualify in Scotland but I do in NI.
So personally I am grateful for even getting 1 go here but I wish it was 3!!!
I think every health board should have the same rules and offer the same amount of treatment and that way it's not the usual postcode lottery of whether you get treatment and whether it's free or not.

I am now saving hard for 1 go privately as my NHS cycle failed.
But that in its self is stressful!