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Thursday, November 12th 2009, 5:29pm

Help NHS or private


Wondering if anyone can help, i'm in a bit of a tiz about what to do, i've just finished my 1st cycle of IVF on the NHS, I was not happy with my consultant and have since found out in a letter to my doctor that I wasnt given Gestone 50mg IM, that they've told my doctor I have had!, I've lost all confidance in this clinic now, if i ask for another consultant on the NHS i have to go back on a waiting list, should i just give up on them and go private or let them do another cycle as they have done one with me so know more about my cycle, dont know what to do for the best any ideas???
?( Jules xxx

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Thursday, November 12th 2009, 8:24pm

RE: Help NHS or private

Why dont you arrange follow up meeting with your consultant and armed with your questions. You may find that you had another drug the same as gestone but it called something else. You could also look into going private and meet up with your chosen private clinic and ask them any questions

It really is upto you, and totally understand that you need to be at ease with your consultant

Good luck

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