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Thursday, November 12th 2009, 4:26pm

Low fertilization with donor eggs Why??

Hi all you Sperm Scientisits,

We may be at the end of our journey, but I wondered whether you could shed some light on this question. We had four attempts at IVF with my eggs - three failed and one that miscarried at 5 weeks. So our last chance was to go with donor eggs.

The surprising (and very disappointing) result was that only 2 of the donor eggs fertilized!! And neither of them took. The eggs were from a 22-year old donor. They only retrieved 7 eggs from the donor, but 2 fertilizing still seems a very low number to me.

When we used our own eggs, these were our results:

3 collected, 3 fert (AIH cycle converted to IVF), neg preg test
10 collected, 6 fert, positive preg test, then miscarriage
9 collected, 6 fert, neg preg test
8 collected, 5 fert, neg preg test
then . . .
7 collected, 2 fert, neg preg test (22 yr-old donor)

All of my husbands' sperm tests have come back normal, although we haven't done DNA testing. The donor egg fertilization was done by ICSI

Any thoughts? Why such a low fertilization percentage with the donor?

Many thanks to anyone who can shed some sciencey light on this.




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Thursday, November 12th 2009, 5:03pm

Hello wherearemyeggs,
And welcome to the FZ.
I'm sorry I don't know the answer to your question, but I'm sure someone will be along to help soon.
The fertilisation rate with your eggs and your DH's sperm seems really good, ranging from 60-100%. So that would lead me to think there was a problem with the donor eggs... do you know if all 7 donor eggs were mature and suitable for ICSI?
I'm so sorry it didn't work this time,

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Thursday, November 12th 2009, 7:52pm

RE: Low fertilization with donor eggs Why??

Hi from me also,

I have always felt that for many women the quality of eggs produced by hyper-ovulation induction was lower than those same women's eggs produced after more gentle or natural ovulation. Many women who have conceived naturally in the past, fail to produce good eggs or good embryos when they later go on to have IVF or similar. It is not normal for humans to produce multiple mature follicles, and the process of IVF ovulation induction is very suspect. Sometimes changing the induction protocol helps, but often not.

It may be therefore be that this donor was of this nature and you need to query with your clinic whether she has every been used before as an egg donor, and what were the results of using any remaining eggs from this cycle, with other sperm, if this was what happened.

The fertilisation rates using your own eggs was good and you actually achieved a pregnancy, albeit sadly to miscarry. What happened to the remaining embryos from these earlier IVF attempts, as you produced 20 in total, are any remaining in store?

I feel that you need to have a long discussion with your unit about this situation and perhaps about any advice you may have received about moving to using donor eggs; speaking in particular to the embryologists where you can.

Good luck

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