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Thursday, October 29th 2009, 2:35pm


Hello out there
Has anyone changed a Spanish or foreign prescription into English? The Gonal and other drugs I have to take to the clinic on transfer (replacement drugs for donor) are 1500 euros in Spain or £488 here direct from supplier. With the exchange rate that is saving hundreds of pounds.

How can I get the prescription changed? I asked my (sort of) gynae here but she did not respond... will the GP give me a private prescription... any advice greatfully received.
p.s. start treatment sunday for possible egg transfer 3rd week Nov!!! Very excited. 1st try at anything.



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Thursday, October 29th 2009, 3:05pm

Hi K

I am confused, do you have to source the drugs for your donor?? I have never heard of this before. What clinic are you at?

I recently underwent a donor cycle at FIV and yes you are correct, drugs are much more expensive there than here. I took my prescription to my GP and she then wrote me a private prescription so that I can source the drugs in the UK. I think most GPs will do this - but it depends on the individual. There are also some online chemists that will accept prescriptions from an EU doctor, so you could try that if your GP wont help you.

Good luck !

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Thursday, October 29th 2009, 3:13pm

Hi there,
Its usually part of the transfer cost at all clinics, but this clinic (helpfully) gives me the option of bringing the drugs instead of including a flat fee of 1500 euros as part of my quote for 5200 euros. Sounds unusual but will save me £800 off the quoted price if I can source them here.... thanks for the info re GP... will pay for a holiday during 2WW or a baby buggy :-p