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Tuesday, August 25th 2009, 6:54am

Author: twinkletoes

Having doubts

Hi Debi, just wanted to say how sorry i am to hear what you have been through, this ttc journey is one heck of a journey, and i wish you lots of luck in your decisions!

Tuesday, August 25th 2009, 6:49am

Author: twinkletoes

Microgynon 30 tablets

Hiya, yep i agree with the others its often used a month before your treatment begins....Wishing you lots of luck on your journey. keep us updated on progress

Tuesday, August 25th 2009, 6:47am

Author: twinkletoes

miscarriage on miscarriage off where to now

Hi debi, just wanted to pop in and wish you lots of luck for your scan today, everything crossable will be crossed. thinking of you

Tuesday, August 25th 2009, 6:44am

Author: twinkletoes


Hi Shaldon, when my dose of merional was increased i only used one solution, otherwise like you said the injection will be HUGE!. Good luck on your journey.

Friday, August 21st 2009, 7:38am

Author: twinkletoes

Bromley PCT - IVF waiting times

Hi Footsie, sorry cant answer your question but didnt want to read and run, i'm sure someone will be along shortly to give you some insight.... in the meantime, stay positive, maybe a letter to your consultant could help somewhat??. wishing you lots of luck on your journey.

Wednesday, July 1st 2009, 8:54am

Author: twinkletoes


Hi Caza congratulations on being PUPO, I think having accupuncture after ET is ok, but i didnt feel comfortable in doing so, so i didnt continue after et, but if your not too sure, ring your cons and he/she can give you the info. wishing you lots of luck on your 2ww

Wednesday, July 1st 2009, 8:52am

Author: twinkletoes

worried about follicles

Hi Tia, sorry little late in replying to your questions, but at a scan stage on day 4 its still a little early to tell, my first scan wasnt until day 6 and i only had 2 on right and 1 on left, and i ended up getting 8, as natz said everyone is different, and stimming times vary from around 10 days to 16 days, i've stimmed differently everytime, dont worry about asking questions this morning, this is what they are there for and have been in the same situation 100's of times, so fire away any ques...

Tuesday, June 30th 2009, 9:00am

Author: twinkletoes

Need some advice please...x x x

Hi caza again try not to worry, your embie is in the best place and wont fall out, i too was thinking omg if i need the toilet or i sneeze what will happen to it, lol but for sure sneezing is just fine, spotting is common especially after all the poking and prodding too, sending you lots of and PMA Wishing you lots of luck

Tuesday, June 30th 2009, 8:55am

Author: twinkletoes


Hi caza just wanted to pop in and wish you lots of luck. keep us updated on progress

Monday, June 29th 2009, 9:15am

Author: twinkletoes

Symptoms before BFP pls

Wishing you lots of luck Mimi PMA PMA

Monday, June 29th 2009, 9:13am

Author: twinkletoes

How long after 2ww until you find out result from ICSI

Hi Tia, well as your question has been answered just wanted to wish you lots of luck on your journey. keep us updated on progress

Monday, June 29th 2009, 9:11am

Author: twinkletoes


Hi Tia, i think its all depends on where your having your tx, out here in bulgaria, my last attempt i had 3 embies transfered, but i think in the uk all the rules and regulations have changed to having just the one transfered, which i think is wrong, we are paying an awful lot of money for tx and surly it should be down to the individual if they want one or two transfered, but certainly having 2 transfered doesnt double your chances. wishing you lots of luck on your journey

Monday, June 29th 2009, 9:07am

Author: twinkletoes

Waiting for AF after failed IVF

Hi Andrea, sorry to hear about your BFN, keep your chin up All the drugs poking and proding can play havoc with your cycles, so heres hoping a/f will show her ugly head real soon, but any concerns give your cons a quick ring to put your mind at ease. Good luck on your immune testing. keep us updated on progress

Monday, June 29th 2009, 9:05am

Author: twinkletoes

normal AMH.FSH yet poor response...anyone?

Hi Kar, well as you know my first attempt was cancelled due to poor response,(which was long protocol) and if i'm totally honest, i really dont know what protocol suited me best, i've tried long short, and antagonist, and i think overall they were all pretty much the same, but i think the short protocol i had a few more follies. LOL Dont think i helped much but wishing you lots of luck

Monday, June 29th 2009, 9:01am

Author: twinkletoes

** AF after IVF/ICSI - chat & questions **

Hi Jools, with all the medications poking and prodding which has been going on this will play tricks with a/f, after my ivf tx's my a/f has differed in so many ways first time, only small amount of discharge(browny) with no discomfort at all, second time a/f from hell, totally agony and bleed for 16 days, but i spoke with cons and she told me not to panic this can happen after what your body has been through, i was then given the pill for a month to try and sort everything out. If you are at all...

Monday, June 29th 2009, 8:55am

Author: twinkletoes

do you always have to 'stop' your natural cycle???

Hi lou lou, i am sorry to hear about your miscarriage, my thoughts are with you. starting on day 21 is classed as long protocal, and starting day1 or day 2 is as the ladies say is short protocal, i have done short and long, but to be totally honest the difference in quantity and quality of embies didnt differ an awful lot, the way i found was what ever protocal my cons suggested at the time i went with, as they say cons knows best lol. Any way, wishing you lots of luck on your journey. keep us u...

Wednesday, June 24th 2009, 4:10pm

Author: twinkletoes


Hi Georgina, just wanted to pop in and wish you lots of luck for your ttc journey keep us updated on progress Hope you've settled in to the chatter thread where lots of ladies will be at similar stages to you. good luck again

Tuesday, June 23rd 2009, 6:30pm

Author: twinkletoes

Egg collection

Good luck for your EC tomorrow kerrie, keep us updated on progress

Tuesday, June 23rd 2009, 6:24pm

Author: twinkletoes


Hi Nikki, i am in agreance with Calypso, do what your body tells you, first round of IVF i didnt have the energy or stamina to do anything, but second time round i found i had quite a bit of energy, so it does differ from tx to tx person to person, so do as you feel at the time. Wishing you lots of luck on your journey

Tuesday, June 23rd 2009, 6:22pm

Author: twinkletoes

Is this the funding approval letter?

Hi there Earth Girl, well if i had the same letter, and with the Quote " your name has been added to the waiting list" I would assume that yes we are approved for funding, but just to clarify give your cons a quick ring, i'm sure he/she will help you in a jiffy. Wishing you lots of luck on your IVF journey