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Wednesday, May 1st 2013, 9:22am

Author: ellie002

hi there newbie and stressed

hi everyone wonder if anyone could shed some light, after two years of trying my partner and myself went to gp oct 2012 and refered to glasgow royal infirmary, I had hormone test all came back fine sexual health all fine Dec 2012 and I have previously had a miscarriage when I was younger Aug 2003, OH however had sperm test came back zero dec2012, Jan we received a letter saying we were on the list to be seen and they will contact us 6 weeks beforehand after I was becoming more stressed and wanti...

Thursday, April 18th 2013, 7:55am

Author: ellie002

waiting list for glasgow royal infirmary

hi wondering if anyone could shed some light, how long should it take for intial appointment at grio ? gp referal was nov2012, letter to confirm we were on list came jan 2013 told could take 6months from referal, phoned 2 wks ago and told another 6/7 months! anyone else experienced this for first app ? gp done hormone test and sexual health all fine OH had sperm test came back zero, any advice would be great as im becoming more stressed by lack of info , thanks x