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Wednesday, June 6th 2018, 8:50pm

Author: Amelia12

My story....

Hey there. I've always found this "unexplained infertility" really confusing. I mean, it's supposed to be confusing, but still. I'd suggest IVF. I think that is the way forward. If there's a problem in the egg fertilization, it will get addressed. I hope it works out. Good luck to you!

Wednesday, June 6th 2018, 7:33pm

Author: Amelia12

2nd attempt at IVF

Hey there. I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. Yeah, age is definitely catching up with you. But you should go for it for one final effort. Good luck with it. I really hope it works! Prayers and baby dust your way.

Friday, June 1st 2018, 9:57pm

Author: Amelia12

Could i have Endometriosis??

Hey. I'm sorry but it doesn't look great. I'd suggest you see a doctor right away. It would be the best option. There's no point in wasting time. Good luck. I hope it isn't something bad.

Friday, June 1st 2018, 9:54pm

Author: Amelia12


Hey Kelsey. I'm glad the operation went fine. I'm also happy that you're in good health. Don't worry, there will be a solution to this. IVF and IUI's are probably a good option. Good luck to you. Hope whatever you choose, works out!

Tuesday, May 29th 2018, 4:17pm

Author: Amelia12


Hey! Congratulations to you! I'd love to hear more about your experience. I'm glad it worked out well. Surrogacy is truly a blessing. I wish you a wonderful life ahead. Good luck!

Tuesday, May 29th 2018, 4:15pm

Author: Amelia12

Adopting with a biological child

Have you thought about surrogacy? Why do you want to go for adoption? I personally think the better idea would be to go for surrogacy. Simply because the child will be related to you! Wouldn't you rather have that option instead of adoption? I personally would. I hope you're successful with whatever you choose, though.

Friday, May 18th 2018, 6:07pm

Author: Amelia12

unexplained infertility

Hey! You're very young. Your doctor is correct. Plus you haven't been TTC for a very long time. Trust him and keep the faith. It'll happen. Don't lose hope!

Friday, May 18th 2018, 6:05pm

Author: Amelia12

Go or not to go (to Ukraine for IVF) - that is the question

Hey there. I really don't think you should be asking this question. You should go right away. The clinic you are talking about is the best in Ukraine. Your question should be "when should I leave?" My friend had a great experience with them. And, I'm currently going through surrogacy and I couldn't be happier!

Wednesday, May 16th 2018, 6:32pm

Author: Amelia12

PCOS - Opinions needed...

Hey there. I'm really sorry to hear about what happened. PCOS is a horrible condition. Good luck with your wedding. You guys are doing the right thing by not stressing out about it. You can always rethink and reevaluate what you want to do, later. Lots of love.

Monday, May 14th 2018, 4:29pm

Author: Amelia12


Hey there. Hope you're doing well. This is such an energetic post. You're full of positive energy. It's great to see that! Good luck!! It'll go great.

Monday, May 14th 2018, 4:20pm

Author: Amelia12


Hey there. Hope you're well. I checked out your clinic. It's really good. You guys have a great website. There are a lot of good options available in Europe. Especially, clinics in Ukraine are really good.