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Tuesday, November 12th 2013, 12:36pm

Author: ElishaJane

male fertility supplements comparison

Neve777, your BFP is fantastic news!!!! Congratulations, you have done everything right. But your poor DH.. cold water on his testies must have hurt?! Trying to keep the temperature normal is normally enough, because they are outside his body for that reason... so no laptop was definitely right! I hope it all goes well for your and your DH! Please keep us updated. Shelley10, my DH and I also both took supplements.. but it was soo confusing with so many on the internet. I ended up googeling and f...

Sunday, October 13th 2013, 12:46pm

Author: ElishaJane


Take care... sunflowerliz, everything is gonna be alright, don't worry...

Sunday, October 13th 2013, 12:44pm

Author: ElishaJane

Aberdeen Fertility Centre

Nice Sunday & new week ahead...

Sunday, October 13th 2013, 12:32pm

Author: ElishaJane

Hammersmith - treatment feedback and chat

Yeah, obviously...a few injections is just nothing to what you hope & expect in the future, right? Be strong...

Sunday, October 13th 2013, 12:26pm

Author: ElishaJane


Thanks for your sharing useful information...

Sunday, October 13th 2013, 12:25pm

Author: ElishaJane


Quoted from "Fertility Clinics Abroad" Hello, I’m Dr Caroline Phillips PhD and I would like to tell you about my company, Fertility Clinics Abroad and a little bit about myself. At Fertility Clinics Abroad we are expert at helping you choose an IVF clinic abroad. Researching which clinic to attend is very time-consuming and, as you know, there is almost too much information out there. That’s where we can help. We do all the research for you, not just online, but by personally visiting each clin...

Sunday, October 13th 2013, 12:16pm

Author: ElishaJane

need a helping hand

I think it's much better to find a representative attorney to work on that, just too complicated...

Friday, October 11th 2013, 3:02pm

Author: ElishaJane

Invicta Polish clinic

Dear Elaine, Could you please give us the name of the clinic over there? Many thanks in advance, E.J

Thursday, October 10th 2013, 4:03pm

Author: ElishaJane


Thanks for all your useful information! I'm doing some researches on this subject & really wanna find out more. Do we also have any other talk or discussion related to taking care of patients after infertility treatment at home? Just wonder what if we need to follow any special recipe or something like that? What we should do for some adjustments if needed? All ideas will be highly appreciated... Many thanks & best regards, E.J

Thursday, October 10th 2013, 3:50pm

Author: ElishaJane

Thanks for your information!

I will have a look sometimes.... Thanks so much for your sharing information! Could you please let me know what if it has online version anyway? I'm looking forward to your feedback!!! Many thanks & regards, E.J

Sunday, October 6th 2013, 9:32am

Author: ElishaJane


Thanks for your information! Is it ok to forward this to some of my friends who are in needs of this? Do you need any volunteers to help you with the preparation or anything else related? I look forward to your feedback... Thanks & regards, E.J

Saturday, October 5th 2013, 2:27pm

Author: ElishaJane

Aberdeen Fertility Centre

Hi everyone, i'm new here & hope to become 1 of your friends...

Saturday, October 5th 2013, 2:24pm

Author: ElishaJane

Advice Needed Please - Married Lesbian Couple (40's) seeking information on IVF or Donor (self) insemination

Goodluck with you @Samelove & i think... @Hopeful1234 is right, we should be very careful before doing something important that much!