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Tuesday, August 11th 2009, 5:36pm

Author: charlie.d

RE: Any experience of Institut Marques, Barcelona

Hi, We traveled (from the UK) to the institute Marques twice, in May and and July for transfer and had first time success! M's is now 7 weeks pregnant with twins! They are very kind and sympathetic with excellent email support and have English doctors working inc Rod, the laid back biker (though all the staff speak excellent English). The staff are very, very good - M's transfer was painless - in fact, first blood test I've had, where I didn't feel the needle go in! Be aware of additional invest...

Tuesday, August 11th 2009, 5:23pm

Author: charlie.d

RE: Egg Donor Programme at Instituto Marques - Barcelona

We are also doing the egg donor trip at IM.. and are also blonde hair/blue eyed. Now am 6 weeks gone with twins! First time lucky...and a big relief. Only thing that was a slight setback was that the blue eyed donor had problems..the eggs were not of good enough quality to use...and we had to go for the backup eyes and light brown hair.The blood group is the thing that has to be a perfect match..everything else is secondary. However..still we are really delighted...especially as the...

Monday, August 10th 2009, 7:45pm

Author: charlie.d

RE: Egg donation abroad - having scans/tests in UK

Hi, We have just had treatment using an egg donor at the Institut Marques, Spain. I was advised by my consultant here to use them as they have high success rates (I am 49!! that really mattered). The cost was an initial 9,800 tests for my partner.. travel/hotel bills/food/airport parking etc. Not at all cheap! However...I am now pregnant with twins!!..(first go)...the donor egg quality was 9 out of very high...and I have 2 embies in the freezer of the same quality should...