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Tuesday, July 5th 2011, 7:02pm

Author: missf1981


Hi princess, wish u all the luck in the world hope it happnens for you this gynae is starting me on them anyday i have to go and see her next week ive read some things about clomid but its all worth it if they can make miracles happen goodluck to you x

Tuesday, July 5th 2011, 6:59pm

Author: missf1981

Taking Clomid & Partner Has Low Sperm Count - Need Some Advice Please.

thankyou for getting back to me i didnt know how 2 see if anyone had replied to my posts, my gynae have spoke about ivf to me and has refered me to the clinic i just have to wait back but in the mean time she wants me to go on clomid i just prey that these will work for me..have you heard of anyone getting pregnant with one tube and bf with a low count while taking clomid i need to hear some happy things that has come out of it to give me that bit more willpower.. xx

Tuesday, July 5th 2011, 6:55pm

Author: missf1981

whats my chances of getting pregnant while on clomid

Hi everyone my gynae is about to put me on clomid, i had a etopic pregnancy in 2006 and had my right tube removed, ive had a few test done that show im ovulating every month and my left tube is in perfect condition. but my bfs semen test came back that he has a low sperm count..has anyone been in my position and have got pregnant while on clomid..also can someone tell me a bit about side affects of clomid as ive read a few horrible stuff about it. x

Monday, July 4th 2011, 12:16am

Author: missf1981

Taking Clomid & Partner Has Low Sperm Count - Need Some Advice Please.

Hi everyone i would be realy greatful if someone can get back to me with simalar problems as me..ill tell you about my fetility problem... i had a etopic pregnancy on my first pregnancy age 24 in may 2006. i had my right tube removed...the doctor told me after my operation there shouldnt be any problems with me getting caught pregnant again as my left tube was fine and there was no other problems...i left it a good 8 months before i started trying for a baby again so say from jan 2007 ive been t...