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Sunday, November 1st 2009, 6:02pm

Author: mitzi

Legal Requirements

thank you bells.... i certainly will.....

Sunday, November 1st 2009, 4:44pm

Author: mitzi

Pre IVF Treatment tests

additional question...sorry. Does anyone know of any clinics where we can have our bloods, scans and semen analysis done near banbury, oxfordshire????...... reasonably priced of course

Sunday, November 1st 2009, 4:36pm

Author: mitzi

Legal Requirements

Hi all. Me and my partner would love (more than anything) to raise our own child. Unfortunately she was sterilised in 2004 (tubes cut) so our option at the moment is to have IVF treatment. We both have children from previous relationships and want to have a child of our own. She is 37 and in good health and I am 38, also in good health. Through the information on this site we have drawn up a short list of Hungary , Czech Republic and Norway We have obtained some information from a few clinics in...